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On Tour with guitar legend  Robin Trower
in 2010 in Europe and the U.K.
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The News..........

 2010 :  In March davey will be overseas with Robin Trower, Glenn Letsch and Pete Thompson working on a new RTB release.
 A tour in Europe and the U.K. in September will ensue.  Hope to see you there!
March 2008 :  You can now puchase Davey's two solo CDs on one disc through 
                                                          the following link 
Jan 2008 :  Davey will be touring in 2008 with Robin Trower, Pete Thompson and 
                     new on bass Glenn Letsch. Please check  HERE
                     for shows playing in your area and also for reviews of the shows.
Feb 1, 2007 :  Davey has somethign in the works.... 
 LET IT ROCK is a new 70's retro classic rock band featuring: 
 Davey Pattison - vocals/guitar (Gamma/Robin Trower); 
 Tom Miller - vocals/bass (Greg Allman, Eddie Money);
 Kevin Russell - vocals/guitar (707) and 
Andy Doerschuk - drums (Rick Derringer/Steppenwolf). 

   The bio reads:  "These four guys have been pals for years. They have decided to pay homage to the music they  grew up on and so love. The music that shaped a generation. That music is known today as Classic Rock.
 Who better to play this music than the guys who were there! Gamma, Robin Trower, 707, Eddie Money & Greg  Allman are all part of theClassic Rock genre' today! Let It Rock is a rockin' fun time band that kicks serious ass!"
For further info see: www.kevinrussell.com
                                             Will update on this soon

Sept 1,2005: Davey Pattison joined up with ex Doobie Brothers keyboardist 
                            Dale Ockerman on Dales latest release " A Piece Of My Mind" 
                            He did the vocals on two of the tracks. "Blues For Mother Nature" 
                            and "Judgement Day" Also featured are Doobie Bros bassist
                            Tiran Porter.  Dale was also on Davey's solo cd's. 
                             To order this cd go to Dale's site   HERE
May 14, 2005 A few details of the Pattison Schenker second release titled
                                 "The Endless Jam Continues"
                           Michael Schenker : Guitar
                                Davey Pattison : Voclas
                             Aynsley Dunbar : Drums
                                    Tim Bogert  :  Bass

Songs : Rock Steady /  While My Guitar Gently Weeps / Too Rolling Stoned /
               Layla / I'm Losing You / The Hunter / Badge / I Don't Need No Doctor /
               Dear Mr. Fantasy / Wang Dang Doodle / I'd Love To Change The World

  This is an amazing cd!  I will post how to buy it asap but get it if you want to hear some great remakes of some classic songs by a seasoned group of musicians. What a line up!
 Wait till you hear the vocals on this. Davey continues to impress with his ability to handle any song and make it his own. 

April 29, 2005 : Davey is taking a much deserved break from touring with Trower
                            I recently heard the latest work with Schenker and it is awesome. 
                             I haven't been able to find out how to order it but it is a great CD.
                             Watch for more on this.
Feb 3, 2005 :  Davey has finished the second colaboration with Michael Schenker
                         so watch for a release soon.
                      : Rehersals for the upcoming tour with Robin Trower will be getting 
                        under way in a couple of weeks.  Watch for a short chat with the band
                        to be posted soon.
Dec 19, 2004 :  Davey has been in the studio with guitar wizard Michael Schenker,
                            along with Ansley Dunbar and Tim Bogart.  Look for more on this
                             at a later date.
                          : As you have read, Davey, along with Dave Bronze, Pete Thompson 
                            and Robin Trower will be touring the UK and Europe in early 2005.
                            Check the 2005 Tour News Page for details and show dates.
 2005 Tour News 
Sept 6,2004 :  Davey has been doing a few shows with Sammy Hagar's band while
                            Sammy is out touring with Van Halen. I will try and get some dates.
                         We are all still waiting to hear about the re-release of Someday Blues 
                          with Robin Trower. 
May 5, 2004 : First reviews in about Davey's work with guitar wizard Michael Schenker
                      " Well, my copy of "The Endless Jam", the new release from 
      "SCHENKER/PATTISON Summit" arrived today from Amazon!
                        And, I'm darned near speechless! This album is just plain "kickin' it" all
                        the way down the street!    Great jamming (Schenker rocks!), good, old
                        fashioned, classic ROCK - N- BLUES - ROLL!
                        What a showcase for the stand-out vocals of Davey Pattison! He's like
                        a thoroughbred who's just getting his "legs"! "Hey Joe", "A Whiter
                      Shade Of Pale", "Long Misty Days", a little redux of his own "Voyager"!
                        These two guys merely blow the dust off my woofers with Free's "The
                       Stealer" followed by Mountain's "Theme From An Imaginary Western"!
                       11 tracks in all!  I just can't get this grin off my face! And just when you 
                        thought you'd heard it all, they crank up Willie Dixon's "Built For
                        Comfort" and put down some excellent blues licks!
                         I can only hope that THIS band will take this show out on the road! 
                        They would definitely be worth seeing. Enjoying it! "   RL
April 4, 2004 :      The CD Schenker/ Pattison is being advertised for sale :
                 Michael Schenker - Guitar 
                                                               Leslie West - Guitar 
                                                          Davey Pattison - Vocals
                                                           Gunter Nezhoda - Bass
                                                           Aynsley Dunbar - Drums 

Davey revisits a bit of his history with a version of Gamma'a "Voyager" 
and Robin Trower's "Long Misty Days"

 While checking out the bands sites I also came across a link to a Pat Travers cd done with Ansley Dunbar called PT Power Trio and it has a cover of "Day Of The Eagle" on a sound clip!! Check that out thru the AD weblink on the details link above

Feb 26,2004 : On March 15th  Davey's two solo cd's are being played on the 
                                        internet radio show from New York called :
                                       "Long Island Songwriters Internet Show"
click on the link above
 Jan 4,2004  : Davey has been working with guitarist Michael Schenker 
                               (Scorpions / UFO/ MSG) on his latest release. 
To quote Davey :
     This should satisfy the "Hey Pattison ... 
                            We want to hear you rock crowd" . 

 Check out Michaels website and watch for news on when this will be available
                      There is also a great fan site  at MSfor more info.

 If you haven't ordered Davey's latest "Pictures" I would highly recommend getting this for your
collection. Davey, in the past year, has really shown his versitility as one of the premier vocalists around with his work on Robin Trower's "Living Out Of Time,  with Bill Lordan's band BLX,  Working with Michael now, and also on former Doobie Brother Dale Ockerman's soon to be released cd and some other surprises in the works. 
            Let's keep supporting these great musicians by puchasing their work . 
AnInterview with Davey Pattison
Nov 18/03

Nov. 17,2003: 
                           To purchase "Pictures" click the link below
DP Pictures
Nov. 14 :     Davey will be celebrating his 58th birthday on
 Sept 22 :  Check out Davey on Robin Trower's latest release
                                   Living Out Of Time
  go to trowerpower and order this incredible cd 
Jan. 1, 2003 :  Davey is featured on a few songs on the upcoming release of
                               Bill Lordans band (BLX).   One of the songs "Chamber Of
                                Your Heart" is going to be on a compilation CD from 
                                 Marino De Silva who does these for charities. 
 You can check for more information at :    Marino Sound site

 Davey will be getting together with Dave Bronze and Pete Thompson early in January to complete work on Robin Trower's next release. 

 Dec 4, 2002 :  Well lots of news on Davey !!!
  First : As you may have heard, Davey has once again teamed up 
                                         with Robin Trower , Dave Bronze and Pete Thompson to 
                                         record Robin's next release.   After Jimmy Dewar's funeral
                                         Robin and Davey hooked up and started discussing 
                                         working together again.   Davey flew back to England a 
                                         few months ago and they recorded a number of songs. 
                                          While not completed yet Davey has told me the songs are 
                                           great and he will be going back to finish up the last couple
                                         of songs early in the new year.   No definitive word on a tour
                                          at this point.

                                : Davey's second cd is complete and almost ready for release.
                                   davey is trying to source a record company deal and will wait to
                                   see how that goes before the actual release date.   I cannot say
                                   enough of how good this is. 

              Click here for more info and a shot of the cover

May 10,2002  : Read a review of the show from Ron Love. 
If you haven't got your copy of Davey's "Mississippi Nights" CD....please go to Davey's site and order it... don't wait and be kicking yourself down the road for not getting it when you could.
Oct. 12, 2001 : Recieved another review on Mississippi Nights from : 
                        John Bates  The Catalogue Man
                          Reporting on my views on the Blues

Davey Pattison - "Mississippi Nights"
(Sherlang Records) Import
9 Tracks, 40 mins 23 secs.
    Davey Pattison, who is a pretty damn good vocalist, grew up in Glasgow, Scotland.  In 1979 he was invited to America to be lead singer for Ronnie Montrose's band, Gamma.  After the band went their separate ways in 1986, Pattison joined the Robin Trower band.  He can be heard on "Passion", "Take What You Need" and "In The Line Of Fire".  On the success of the 1992 "Best Of Gamma" Pattison and Montrose went to the road and received high praise critics and fans.
     "Mississippi Nights" was mostly recorded at Rear Window Studios in Mill Valley and produced by Davey Pattison and John Rewind.  Some of the musicians on this debut solo release are John Rewind (Nashville High String Guitar), Steve Canali (slide guitar & dobro), Sam Plarr (bass), D.G. Tull (drums) and keyboardists Bob McBain and Dale Ockerman (who spent eight years with the Doobie Brothers).  Pattison also contributes acoustic guitar.
        All of the tunes on this 1999 release are originals.  Some of the great
tracks on "Mississippi Nights" are "Feel Like Screaming", the semi-acoustic mellow & blue "Pretty One", the soul drenched "Slow Down", the brassy "I Got The Hots For You", "Too Hot To Sleep" and "Have A Look At Yourself".  On the strength of this release Davey Pattison isn't just a rock singer.  He has the same passion and soul as someone like Paul Rodgers.  "Mississippi  Nights" is proof that Pattison has what it takes to make it as a solo artist.  Get yourself a good dose of Davey Pattison.
John Bates.

July 24,2001 :  As mentioned a while back, Davey 
                     recorded an album with ex-Starship/ Rod
                    Stewart band member Pete Sears.
        Other artists on this album include : 
     John Lee Hooker, Charlie Musselwhite,
    Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Cassidy from 
    Hot Tuna, Mark Nafalin from The
    Butterfield Blues Band, and Levon Helm 
                    from The Band.
                      I had the pleasure of getting a copy of this 
                     CD and it is an excellent piece of work.

         Pete is an incredible piano player! I love the
                     blues/jazz piano work. 
         John Lee is outstanding! An icon to be sure!
         Davey shines as always on four of the tracks

                         Highly recommended !!

     Read more about the CD and ordering links

 To read more about Pete Sears here are a couple of sites to check out :
    Pete Sears Bio from a Starship site

                        Pete's own site

June 2, 2001 : 
      Davey also recieved some reviews on his performance for the
GAMMA 4 cd release. Here are some exerpts from the review
that is going in the next issue of Classic Rock magazine.

 "It¹s been almost two long decades since ¹3', the album that everybody assumed was Gamma¹s swansong. However, guitarist and guiding light Ronnie Montrose has re-assembled many of the key players that graced that band¹s three criminally underrated albums, including vocalist Davey Pattison, drummer Denny Carmassi and bassist Glenn Letsch, with Edward Roth filling
the Mitchell Froom/Jim Alcivar keyboard spot.
    "The name of Carmassi, will be the one that most will recognise, yet to these ears the reformation¹s lynchpin has to be Pattison. The adaptable yet impassioned Scottish singer earned considerable plaudits during Gamma¹s first time around, eventually teaming up with Robin Trower.

     "Without his gruff tones it would have been quite unfeasible to
       release anything bearing the name."

     "  Pattison¹s super-cool crooning"

      " Davey excels on the silky-smooth "Love Will Find You"

      " Emotional".