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Tour Pictures
with Robin Trower
with a few friends
Tour Pictures
with Robin Trower
Bass Guitars
with Andy Fairweather-low tour 2006
Dave Bronze
Dave also plays frequently with 
Eric Clapton
please check this great site out

 Sept 1, 2006 : After the Sept tour with Robin Trower, Dave will be on tour
                             with the Andy Fairweather-Low band.
                              For details please click here to the UK site for details
August, 2006 : Watch for Dave on Andy Fairweather-Low's latest release.
                            Dave will also be touring with Andy in October after the last leg
                            of the RTB tour is done (and we all hope there will be more)
                          : For more information click here
July 15, 2006 :   From Dave : 
  While we were in Chicago I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the factory where my Lakland bass was  made. The Lakland company is in Chicago and the boss and 3 of his colleagues attended the HOB show. They are very cool guys and they make fabulous instruments, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. 
If anybody is interested in checking out their stuff the website  is at Lakland
I am fortunate enough to be one of their featured artists, as can be  seen on the site.
I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Dan Lakin and the Lakland crew for their support.
Dave B.
May 21, 2006 :  " Last night (20th), I performed at an open air show called 
                              "Highclere Rocks" at a large country estate in Berkshire. 
                               Many of the usual suspects, and some new ones. 
                               Lineup was;  Gary Brooker, Paul Carrack, Geoff Whitehorn, 
                                                      Mike Rutherford, Jody Linscott, Ian Thomas, 
                                                      Me, 4 female singers and 2 brass players. 
                             Guests were;  Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, 
                                                      Georgie Fame, Andy Fairweather Low. 
                                                      Also on the bill, Bryan Ferry and band. 

                          All good fun, even the rain held off! 
                          The Andy Fairweather Low album I appeared on should be released 
                            in August. Touring is a possibilty but no details yet! (Honest!)

August 31, 2005:   Dave has been signed on as an endorsee for Markbass
                                   a new Italian bass amplifier manufacturer. He is their current
                                   "artist of the month".  Check the link above to see.
  According to Dave:  "I used their gear on the RT German tour, and I must say, it 
   blew me away. It is without doubt the best sounding bass gear I have heard for a
   long, long time. Previously I have stayed away from fully endorsing any equipment in
   order to be free to change whenever I wanted. But now, this stuff is so good that I 
  can't see the need to change ever again! " 

  Dave also sent me a recent picture with him beside Eric Clapton during a show...
             Check the picture out HERE

April 29, 2005 :            Congratulations to Dave 
                                   who just received an award for the 
Concert For George DVD, which has gone platinum 7 times over!
 July 14, 2004  : Dave sent some pictures from the tours mentioned below
July 11, 2004 :  Dave wrote to let me know he has been very busy touring 
                             (seems there are some bands playing :o))
                  " I have been really busy, first opening the Jeff Beck UK tour with 
                               Amy Wadge, then going straight on to the Bonnie Raitt UK tour, 
                               opening with Mr Bibb. I did about 24 shows in 20 days, as there 
                               were some day time festivals thrown in for good measure."  DB
Nov 3, 2003  Dave and Pete Thompson ; report from the studio    here
Oct 29,2003 : Producer/ Recording Engineer  MarK Daghorn, who worked on 
                          "Living Out Of Time" is producing a band called Sharp Practise. 
                            Pete Thompson and Dave Bronze  played drums and bass on the 
                            album called "Radiocity".
                           As he graciously did with LOOT to give us an inside look at the 
                           recording time at his studio   (read it here)  Mark has offered to do the 
                           same with Pete and Dave's latest work. 
                                                      Check back here for the post
October 18,2003 : Dave will be starting the UK tour with guitarist Eric Bibb on 
                                                  November 12,2003
               Joining Dave and Eric will be Pete Thompson !!  Don't miss 
                                    any of these shows.  Check the eric Bibb site for dates /details
July 2, 2003 :  An update from Dave : 
                   " I'm currently producing a new female singer called Amy Wadge.
                     We are about half way through the album and I am very pleased
                     with things so far. She's a great writer who sings and plays her
                     own material. Good stuff.  . Coming along well. Lots of live work 
                     at the moment with Bibb. The European summer festival season
                      is well under way. A few bits with E.C., usual stuff! "
March 23, 2003 : Dave is currently touring with Eric Bibb in Germany  but next week 
                               he will again be accompanying Eric Clapton at a show in London.
 March 2,2003  Dave has been working with Robin Trower and you can hear a clip from the new album by going to the link from this page on "Living Out Of Time"
Dec. 18,2002 :  Dave has been keeping busy this last while. 
                               The rehersals for the Harrison tribute took 
                               three weeks and then he went to Italy with 
             Eric Clapton to do a show for Ferrari.
                           : Dave will be joining Davey Pattison and Robin
                            early in January to finish up the songs for Robin's
                              next release.  Dave is co-producing this.
Oct 29,2002:  Dave will be performing with Eric Clapton at the 

Planned by Harrison's widow, Olivia, and long-time friend 
Eric Clapton, the concert will take place on the one-year anniversary of Harrison's death, Nov. 29, at London's Royal Albert Hall.

The concert, to be held at London's 
Royal Albert Hall on 
November 29,
Proceeds from the event will go to the Material World Charitable
Foundation, which has been funded by Harrison since its inception in
1973. The foundation supports the arts, music,
education and people with special needs.

The concert will be filmed for a TV special to air in early 2003.