INSTRUCTION FOR STEEL GUITAR, also known as LAP STEEL. LEARN TO PLAY HAWAIIAN STYLE, from absolute beginner level.

The steel guitar can be a 6-string wooden or metal acoustic guitar. It can be electric with double, triple, or even quad necks, 8 strings on each. It is played with a steel bar in one hand and finger picks on the other. All of these are "Hawaiian style" as opposed to the pedal steel guitar which has foot pedals and knee levers.

This instruction course was designed for the high schools of Hawai'i. It teaches notation and music theory to the absolute beginner. It takes a year for the average student to complete. It is based on the A Major low bass tuning, which is best for understanding chord construction and prepares the student to switch to a more complex professional tuning later, if desired.

This course consists of a 250 page book containing over 90 songs, half of which are Hawaiian traditionals, plus two 5-hour NTSC video cassettes OR two 5-hour DVD discs. PAL is also available, just ask me about it.. Contact me at or 604-263-8944.

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Sorry, folks, this sample video is too dark, you cannot see the fretboard. The real video is clear, I promise you.

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