The following tools in Kimbo operate on existing selected art

Simple examples of all are shown : refer to the documentation for more info or options : additionally you can double-click on the tool for the appropriate dialog box.


The Mirror tool reflects and duplicates art in a specified line, then rejoins it to form a symmetrical construct. Dragging the mouse moves the line which is by default vertical but may be changed, either by the arrow keys to any multiple of 90 degrees or via a dialog box to any desired angle. Fill, stroke, and transparency attributes are maintained.2 simple examples of the use of the mirror tool : in the second case the original art has been mirrorred twice by holding down the shift key. Mirror example

Cut & Rectangle Cut

The Cut and Rectangle Cut tools crop art against a line or rectangle respectively. Very useful for quickly getting rid of unwanted art. Cut example


The Tile tool allows the creation of repeating patterned art in any of the 17 so-called wallpaper groups. Simply select some art and then click and drag in the vicinity of the art to produce tiled patterns, which may be based on a rectangle, square, parallelogram, triangle, rhombus, or hexagon depending on the symmetry group. Play with the up/down arrow keys to cycle through the symmetry groups. A single, somewhat contrived, example is shown : you really need to play with this tool to discover its capabilities. Tile example


The Rosette tool operates in a similar way to the tile tool but creates patterns with circular ( and, optionally ) mirror symmetry. Here's an example showing 8-fold cyclic symmetry with mirroring ( termed dihedral symmetry ) and without artwork cutting. Rosette example

Path creation tools

  • Rose
  • Wave
  • Grid
  • Target
  • Rhombus
  • Golden Rectangle
These tools allow the creation of new paths in Illustrator : all come with a number of options. Here are some examples of the artwork produced by these tools:
Kimbo examples

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