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I created this page with the intention of spreading knowledge about the differences in the aircraft in Aces High.  It’s not to show which is best/worst but more to make comparisons and observations that can help you understand how to best employ the aircraft you select to use..














American Aircraft

British Aircraft

German Aircraft

Italian Aircraft





Japanese Aircraft

Russian Aircraft

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Dec 2007 – With all the changes in aircraft and arenas I’m going to try and get through some of the aircraft and update them.  I haven’t been playing a lot lately but I’ll see what I can do as I know people still use this site as a reference.  Updated to version 2.09 patch 5

I really haven’t played much in the last year or so, but on and off I’ve been working to get some updates done.  Here are a couple I’ll release as a pre-Xmas present. 

A thanks to some of the other players for the information they’ve posted on AH aircraft performance.  I’ve in the past tried to do the testing myself but with the increase in the number of aircraft and the updates to the flight model it’d be impossible for me to do alone.



Comparison Method / Explanation

Aircraft in this evaluation are measured as they appear in AH2 in the MA (or as close as possible).  The purpose was not to compare AH2 performance to "historical data" as all that is important in the game is how they perform “virtually”.  Aircraft performance is measured as accurately as reasonable but in many cases the data cannot be considered "exact", nor would it have been in real life.

Measurements are taken under the most favorable conditions in these reviews, generally at low weight and without external stores unless noted otherwise.  This gives “maximum” performance potential but may not indicate typical performance at normal combat loads.

There are many subjective opinions in the data based on personal experience and input from other players.  The conditions for these observations hopefully reflect the abilities of a "typical" player and may not reflect the abilities of a completely new, or elite, pilot.


If you have any comments, questions, or information you feel is missing or in error, email me. These evaluations are based on my experiences and those of other players so if you have something you disagree with or think I’ve missed that’s important, let me know.


All information is taken from either my testing or information posted by other players on the BBS.  I’d love to test it all myself but unfortunately that would simply take too long.


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