The Snow Jeep Modifications

The snow Jeep has been modified from its beginnings as a stock 1988 Jeep YJ Laredo. After much time, the changes started to happen. As some of you already know, the Laredo model had all the options available at the time, other than the funky fenders of the Renegade. It came with the full chrome package (bumpers, grill, etc), the larger tires (235/75r15), the great looking 5 spoke aluminum rims, trailer towing package (including the awesome 3.73 gears behind the 4.2l inline 6 engine).

The neighbourhood I live in, looks like your standard good neighbourhood, but we do have a few bad apples that live nearby. The few bad apples broke into my Jeep one night, and proceeded to destroy the interior of my Jeep, attempt to steal my stereo, and succeeded in removing the tools that I use for work. I took pictures with my digital camera of the damage for insurance purposes, but alas, I cannot find them anymore. I was hoping to show them to you all. They grabbed the plastic shield around my stereo, ripped it off and pulled the ashtray way down, and then tried to pry my stereo out with screwdrivers, knives and other instruments of torture. After it was completely destroyed they ran off with the tools that were in my Jeep.

My first modification to my ashtray is my CB Radio.

My hardtop needed something .. a Roof Rack to place large items in place, camping gear, ski-box and such. Its one of the best modifications I have done to my rig!

On my list of things to do, and doing, I have an AirCompressor that I am mounting into my Jeep. As of the writing of this, I have the compressor, a bunch of fittings, guages .. but alas, have not had the time to finish it off. As I do it, I will write more about it at my Compressor page

Seatbelts can save lives and sometimes end lives. Be careful when you are out there. I personally use two different male ends of my seatbelts to strap myself in. One piece is the factory shoulder belt (in black) and the other is a lapbelt from a GM car (an '80's Oldsmobile) .. the center seatbelt of a full-size car fits perfectly, and works awesome on the trails (no titty damage, no shoulder fatigue, no chest bruising .. and you can get out when needed).
All that I did was pull the seatbelt bolt out of the floor, tuck the new lapbelt between the original shoulder belt and the floor boards .. and put it back together. It works well, cheap (local autowrecker price was $20 for the pair), and takes no time to setup. I don't know if its legal to wear only lapbelt in a shoulder-belt equiped vehicle on the street - check with your local cops before you use the lap belt only on the street. On the trails, there is nothing to stop you.
Picture of seatbelts here
With the new seatbelts installed, and a broken back on the drivers seat, I was given a pair of Recaro seats from a 1990's LeBaron GT. I removed my seats off the brackets (4 reverse torx bolts) bolted a 1/4" cross bar to the top-side of the bottom of the Recaro seats (to lower the seat a bit), and then bolted the cross bar to the brackets. See a picture of the finished product in my Jeep ..

It was time to start the major modification .. the 1/2 ton Chevy into the Jeep body .. check here for the running updates on the change over!

For better cooling, Chrysler NewYorker Turbo hood grills help to release pentup energy. Read more about cutting holes in a hood to get rid of excess heat!

Bushwacker fender flares look so cool that I just had to spend the money for them. Checkout my writeup on installing them on my Jeep, lots of pictures .. and even a flextest!

My tent-trailer didn't ride level behind my Jeep. The only problem with that was it caught air at highway speeds and tried to float. It made for a scary drive. I needed more height to make it run level, so a portal axle was installed from a Pontiac 6000.

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Last update: Dec 2003