Snow Jeep

Welcome! My Jeep and I have spent a couple years together, visiting the back country, driving around the city, skiing and biking and camping and such. This is just my place to describe my Jeep and what I have done with it. If you want to see what I types of modifications I have done, check them out.

I have a few links that I would like to share with you .. all about 4x4's

SnowJeep circa 2001 The SnowJeep statistics are:
Located: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Club that I am current member of:
    Alberta United Recreationists Society
    Rocky Mountain Big Wheels
Jeep: 1988 YJ Laredo
Engine: 1984 Chevy 350ci V8
Transmission: TH350
T-Case: NP203 fulltime
    Front: Dana 44
    Rear: Chevy 12 bolt w/ posi
Lift: 4" Superlift (model 01-540)
    5.5" SOA
    1.5" Shackle-reversal
    6" laser cut rear boomerang shackles (rear)
Tires: 38" Canadian Military tires - Summer
Tires: 35" generic Mud Terrains siped - Winter
Wheels: Whitespoke wagon wheels - 16" x 8" - Summer
Wheels: Aluminum mags - 15" x 10" - Winter

Me and my Jeep posing together -
July 4 2002
1988 Chev Cavalier wagon roof rack (on hardtop)
Bikini top / windjammer / tonnue cover
Bushwacker 6" wide pocket cut-out fender flares
Canvas 1/2 doors
Hard 1/2 doors
CB Radio
Custom front winch-bumper with screw-shackles
Pioneer 4x5 front speakers
Pioneer CD-player
Stainless steel hinges on body for windshield and doors
SteelHorse RocCrawler rear bumper with 2" receiver and tire carrier
Laser cut 2" Shackle-Reciver for rear

Soon to be had (as time and money permit):
On-board Welder
York aircompressor w/ some tools and 5 gallon air-tank

Are you an environmentalist?
Articles that I have written - published and non-published works
Figure out the percentage that your tires are out, and speeds that you are really doing
How to build anything you want.
Jeep FAQ that I have written to share some of my knowledge with others
RPM and Tire size calculator that I found and modified to fit my needs
RTI Calculator that I found on the 'net and, modified to fit my needs
Smilies that I have collected

Small print follows

Some of the information found in this site is written by others, photos by others, products owned by others, trademarks owned by companies (and lawyers), and such .. some of the information in here is mine alone. I have attempted to mix all the information together in such a way as to make it helpful to me and others .. and as much as possible gave credit where credit was due.
  1. If you find something anywhere on this site that bothers you, don't bother me with it
  2. If you find something on this site that belongs to you and credit was not given to you, prove its yours and I will give credit where its due
  3. If you follow my instructions and something goes wrong .. own up that you screwed up .. I won't pay for your mistakes .. and if my instructions don't help you, oh well
  4. If you wheel your rig and a modification that you did on it based on my rig dies .. deal with it, its not my fault .. I don't even know you
  5. Take everything with a grain of sugar .. it will sweeten you up if you are lucky
That's all folks .. goodbye for now.
Email me at home if you wanna chat about my beastie
Last update: February 2008