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Another DaysBlues

cover art by Robin Trower

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Inside Out
Someday Blues
Sweet Angel
21st Century Blues
Next In Line
Go My Way
Extermination Blues
Looking For A True Love
Shining Through
Feel So Bad

             This Blue Love

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From the UK (thanks Alan)

Another Days Blues’ is a brand new album from British rock guitar legend, Robin Trower. As the title suggests, this new CD finds the one-time Procol Harum man in a fairly bluesy mood with a collection of nine self-penned and three cover tunes.
 Standing at the mike for most of the songs is Scottish singer, Davey Pattison, Trower’s trusted sideman for the best part of the last twenty years and perhaps the one and only person to have effectively filled the shoes of the band’s original vocalist, the great late James Dewar.
Davey’s refined yet raucous rock vocals provide much of inspiration for this collection and he turns in some exquisite performances notably on Robert Johnson’s ‘Crossroads’ and Chuck Willis’ ‘Feels so bad’.
 But Trower takes charge of vocals on two songs. ‘21st Century Blues’ is a lilting 12-bar affair with the tempting refrain “bring me some good news” and the most perfect backing from Dave Bronze on bass and Pete Thompson on drums.  ’This Blue Love’ is pure revelation with Trower’s vocals in a very different league to anything he has ever
attempted before. “I don’t want you, I don’t need you” sings an almost falsetto Mr Trower.

thanks to Jamiroquai webmaster David Rowe for the picture
 Hazel Fernandez, starlet of Jamiroquai’s 2005 tour band, is guest vocalist for ‘Looking for a true love’ a tasty blues funk affair with a catchy drum riff provided by Stevie Bacon.
Trower assembles a team of first-class support for this CD. Reg Isadore, the drummer man on Robin’s signature album from the seventies Bridge of Sighs’, is reunited with Trower on nine of the tunes here. Nicky Brown’s fluid Hammond organ dominates the much of the album’s soundscape. In the mix again, Dave Bronze has done a fabulous job
perfectly weighting the performances of the nine-strong cast.
Trower sets out on the road again next week, his second tour in the UK this year. He will be backed by Davey Pattison, Pete Thompson and Dave Bronze. Let’s hope something from ‘Another Days Blues’ makes it onto the setlist. After a long lay-off and, it must seem like a lifetime on the road in the United States, Robin Trower has
finally come home. Many happy returns!

" It breathes a refreshing breath of new life into these classic blues songs.It was also nice to hear Robin's vocal on a wonderful rendition called "21st Century Blues" and the
all-new, sweetly melancholic track, "This Blue Love". I couldn't get over how much different the new, uptempo version of "Go My Way" sounds with Davey on vocal. This release also marks, I believe, the first time a female vocalist (Hazel Fernandez) sings on
a Trower song, "Looking For A True Love". What a wonderful addition to my Trower music collection!      (Ron Love)

Update August 2005:

   Besides the new vocals, the tracks have been remixed by Dave Bronze, and Dave also redid the bass on 5 tracks. A few changes to some of the guitar parts was also done.
  More to follow..... always.....

  During the Rockline interview on April 21, 2004  Robin made mention that he has been working on a remake of his 1997 release "Someday Blues".
  To quote Robin  "This would be a very good album ... if the vocals were any good"!
  Said tongue in cheek of course, but this was a great blues album  and even though this was Robins first attempt at doing  the vocals himself,  I would speculate (and this is just that.... a speculation) but something must have triggered Robin to listen to this album again and when he compared the vocals to his most recent release and  masterfully done Living Out Of Time,  Robin must have realized that the strong songs he wrote for
Someday Blues needed something more than what he could give as a vocalist. Those strong songs required strong vocals.  So naturally, he approached his partner in LOOT, Davey Pattison.

On the original release the musicians are
Drums : Reg Isidore
Bass : Paul Page
Hammond organ : Nicky Brown