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   The first real RTB came about after the breakup of Jude.
This band consisted of Robin Trower, Jimmy Dewar and drummer Reg Isadore.
  The band formed in December of 1972 and played their first show in Vienna, Austria in February of 1973.
  I have not found a lot on Reg other than the links below to some other collaborations he has been involved in.
 Reg was born on April 4, 1949 in Aruba, Oranjestad, West Indies and educated in London.
 In an interview with 'Sounds' magazine (Feb23, 1974) Robin was asked how he and Reg initially met.....
 " Reggie was the first drummer we auditioned - just one of those things really. Me and Jimmy were working together for about six weeks on material, and ideas on what we wanted the band to be like, and we said, well, we better think about getting a drummer, and Jimmy phoned Zoot Money, and Zoot suggested Reggie. Reggie came down for a jam and we played together for about ten minutes, and I said right, that's it, you're in ,
like it or not!".
  Reg was interviewed in the Dan Muise Book  and in a brief analysis of what was said by everyone involved was that Reg, himself, felt restricted with the band and the direction it was heading. Robin made statements that Reg and Jimmy were "at odds" with each other on stage and it was becoming difficult for them to play together.  Weighting the two players against each other the logical move was to get a new drummer.
  Reg, however , was there at the start of the RTB and his work, especially on the first two RTB albums "Twice Removed From Yesterday' and the classic "Bridge Of Sighs" have given him a solid place in the history of  The Robin Trower Band legacy.
  Reg hooked up with Robin again in 1981 with Jack Bruce for Truce.  This was the follow up release from the Trower/ Bruce collaboration  BLT with drummer Bill Lordan.  I would guess that Reg was used primarily because Robin was not overly impressed with the result of BLT and also that Reg was in England and Bill had gone back to the States.  Economics are always a part of it.
 For myself, I still remember the first time I heard BOS and the wind sounds that come up at the end of the song as it melds into In This Place. I thought the drumming on the intro to In This Place was incredible, not fancy , not complex, it was just ....perfect for the song.
  I hope to expand on this page as information becomes available

Reg on the early road with 
Robin Trower and Jimmy Dewar

  Albums with Robin Trower

 1973    Twice Removed From Yesterday
 1974     Bridge Of Sighs
 1981   Truce
 1997   Someday Blues

with others

 Peter Green
 Blues for Dhyana (1998)
White Sky (1982)
 Blue Guitar (1981)
 In the Skies (1979)

Richard Wright (Pink Floyd)
Wet Dream (1978)

Jimmy Witherspoon:
Love is a Five Letter Word (1975)

Peter Bardens
Vintage 69  (1976)
Write My Name In Dust  (1971)
The Answer  (1970)

Joe Jammer
Bad News (1973)

Snowy White
sessions 74-94