24/3/2005 Lab pictures have been moved to a more spacious server. Also fixed the date typo (2005 not 2004 :), updated info about the Radeon drivers, played around with formatting a little bit and added a W3C validator graphic :). Planeshift rant.

15/2/2005 Second custom lab pictures are up, higher resolution and this time slightly compressed from the original. Get them here.

3/2/2005 Chem 35IB first custom lab pictures are up, thanks to Kaylen who actually remembered to bring some sort of camera :) Go get them!

17/8/2004 This page is up. I'm too lazy to do anything fancy at this point, and don't really a feel a need to. Just a quick and dirty sketch in Mozilla. The Planeshift page also looks a little better now. Compressed the radeon diffs.

About me

Me? Well, I'm Sergei, and I go around making Russian translations of some applications(like OPIE, a very nice environment for Linux-based handhelds) and other things.

Have a look at my blog.


Planeshift is a very nice opensource MMORPG I happened to run across. Here are the (unofficial) modifications I've helped prepare for it.

EDIT: Opensource? Hm. Maybe not. Yes, the engine is GPLed, but the rest, including development process, is IMHO very, very far from it. First, all art is developed in a closed-source fashion, and AFAIK it's not even freely redistributable - thus Crystal Blue distributed by third-party bittorrent trackers caused a bit of disappointment. But what annoys me most is the attitude towards internationalization. To put it simply, forget about it. Non-English languages are redundant and translating the interface and/or giving some official recognition of players will "split the community". Don't bother posting anything on the forums, either, because it will be simply deleted (no, this isn't written in the rules anywhere last time I checked). The situation with the only working release eventually ending up pretty much unsupported (to the point where not even third-party patches are committed to CVS) annoys me as well. You don't like that? Too bad, because we've taken care to prevent forking as much as possible. No more right to "strike" (IMHO being able to fork is the absolutely essential part of any free (as in speech) project). No, I don't play it anymore, no matter how great-looking it is, I don't like this masquerade.

Radeon on AMD64

Here is the diff I made to add support for 32bit OpenGL apps with the 2.6 Linux kernels, based off the km_drm package in SuSE 9.1 for AMD64.

Why? Because the SuSE package is slightly outdated, and so I couldn't play UT2004 with it :), while the DRI drivers included with the official kernel releases do not have 32bit support.

Of course, this would only work for Radeons up to and including 9200. Say thanks to ATI who hasn't bothered with their Linux AMD64 drivers yet.

(Nvidia already has both the drivers and 32bit support in them, and for the first time I can say I find their quality satisfactory)

BEWARE: very low quality code :)

UPDATE: ATI is now providing AMD64 drivers, but I've had just as negative experience with them - yes, there is 32bit support, but it appears that the module looks for the 32bit library in a hardcoded location, and it gives an extra headache for people who like to put their libs in lib64/ (symlink to lib/) and lib32/ instead of lib/ and lib64/. Naturally, there are other problems, too, especially if you're using Xorg.

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