sidewinder emergency cell/mobile phone charger
sidewinder emergency cell/mobile phone charger
  • The Sidewinder is the world's smallest, lightest, and most powerful portable cell/mobile phone charger available!
  • Weighing only 2 ½ ounces it puts out power greater than a plug-in charger.   It fits easily into a briefcase, suit pocket, purse, vehicle glove box, backpack or household emergency kit.
  • Two (2) minutes of charging equals over 6 minutes of talk time, even more standby time. Keep charging and talk indefinitely.
  • Ideal for any situation away from a traditional power source where you need to complete a call.   Use for camping, hiking, boating, hunting or when away from a conventional charging outlet.


   The Sidewinder also contains a super bright white LED light that runs over 5 minutes with NO BATTERIES with only 30 seconds of charging!
30-day money back guaranteeSidewinder Canada is a PayPal Verified Seller     Connectors available for most models
(Most phone models supported.  Just added - Motorola Razr V3 and Nokia 2mm)
  super bright led light