My mother, Esther Dayson, who passed away in 2005, was the last sibling of a very prominent Vancouver family, the Nemetz Family. She was the youngest of nine, six brothers and three sisters, all of whom led a very colorful life. I grew up with 16 Aunts and Uncles, and 23 first cousins, some of whom moved from Vancouver to Los Angeles and other American cities.

Several years ago, I undertook the research to complete the Nemetz family tree. I had many documents and tapes left to me by my Uncles. As part of this research I discovered (through the Internet!) wonderful new relatives in Chicago. Because my mother's family was so prominent in the Jewish Community of Vancouver, this project also became part of an exhibit mounted in 1977, by the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.

Now my search continues to fill in some of the missing links of the Nemetz family tree. If you feel you have a connection to this family, please contact me at Shirley Barnett.