My family, friends, and friends of friends enjoy visiting my "Rosetown" so much that I thought I would share it with you. . You can visit by clicking on your choice in the menu. Please visit, enjoy, and then I hope you'll e-mail me your comments.


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My name is Shirley Rose, I live in Victoria, on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia with my husband. We both enjoy genealogy, traveling and gardening, though my gardening efforts are limited these days. My husband plays golf and river fishes while I spend much of my time building dollhouses and shops, and many of the contents. (Unfortunately not ALL my time as those boring chores such as preparing meals and doing laundry must still be done!) We have three children, married, and six grandchildren.

I started building my first dollhouse in 1985-a large sixteen room house that I designed and built from scratch. Little did we know that it wouldn't be the only one! I draw up my own plans, my husband brings home and cuts to my measurements the plywood, then I assemble and finish them with some assistance from hubby when I call 'help' about the electricity or hinges that won't do as I want. He is also the computer expert helping me with this site. While I used purchased furniture and kits at first I now build many of my own pieces from scratch as well as all shop counters and display cases. I work in 1:12 scale but I have made a couple of 1/4 scale houses done in a Pam Junk workshop.

I built a dollhouse for each of my three grandaughters for their sixth birthday and a castle for my first grandson on his, it remains to be seen what will happen for the new grandchildren.

Like many of you, I had a dollhouse as a child but it was given away when we moved -oh how I wish I had it now! I do still have most of my furniture and my daughter played with it when we made her a dollhouse. I display it in a cabinet now as the assorted scales are not suitable for my houses -but I do treasure them.

I'm a member of N.A.M.E., our local 'Small Endeavours' Miniature Club, and have a group of miniaturists meet at my home every month to create, share and have fun. Oh, I belong to a couple of other groups also -but they're not mini!







After complaining to my friend Carol Jones (Jonesy) that I was suffering from 'lack of spaceitis', which is common to many miniaturists, she communicated with my husband via mail (and this is 'another story'). As a result I took over the infrequently used game room in our home, using the billiard table for Rose Manor and landscaping around it, and using the surrounding wall space for my shops -and named the room Rosetown.




MOUSEVILLE -A suburb of Rosetown, Mouseville is home to my collection of mice. Made from plaster gauze over wire then painted to resemble bark, the stump is home to the mouse family. Grampa is reading the paper and watching the wee ones while gramma is cleaning the kitchen. Mother and father are off to play golf while the children attend school. A policeman helps the children safely across the path. A dress rehearsal is taking place for the Miss Mouse pageant in the community hall, a young couple has just been married by the preacher, and the nurse is tending a sick patient.


The Stump Mouse Home


Rooms in the house



The hospital and the school



Mouse on the outdoor facility and a couple getting married in the church




Thank you for visiting my miniature world, and please visit again to see any additions or changes I may make in the future. This is a wonderful hobby that I can get totally absorbed in, forgetting all the problems of the 'real' world, and feel quite talented at being an architect, builder, bricklayer, electrician, interior decorator, landscape gardener, baker, and all other professions required to build a town.

It has been fun building this web site which I could not have done without my husbands help.

Thanks to Dan's House Collection for the small house graphics on my home page.