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  August: "Day at the Beach"


The theme for our 2005 Free Redwork Patterns is:
"Child's Play"

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s Free Pattern
NOTE: See instructions below.

I hope you enjoy stitching these fun patterns for 2005.
I enjoyed designing them!


Redwork Instructions

I use DMC embroidery floss # 321 to do redwork. (Anchor embroidery floss #47 is also a good choice.) If you prefer blue work, go for it! Stitch in whatever color you like, for that matter! All blocks are stitched on 100 % cotton fabric. I'm using off-white or beige backgrounds. (Some of my backgrounds are white fabrics that have been tea-dyed). I am using a different beige background for each month, just because I find it more interesting than 12 identical backgrounds, plus I can use up scraps! My squares are 11 inches, but you could also stitch the designs on smaller or larger squares.

After you have printed the pattern and cut out your 11" square, you are ready to trace. You can use a light box or just tape the pattern to a window with the square of fabric taped over top and then trace. I trace with a regular fine point red pen. This will not smudge or fade away, but it is permanent, so you can't make a mistake while tracing. You can also use a wash-away or evaporating fabric pen. (Please note: The patterns print off my printer at the correct size. However, they may print differently on yours. You may need to resize the patterns, using a photocopier, to fit your blocks.)

You're ready to stitch. Get your needle, thread, scissors, thimble if you like, and your transfered design. Sit in a comfy chair and put on some relaxing music or turn on a good show. And stitch! Many quilters prefer to use a stem stitch to do redwork. I am set on a backstitch. Use one of the two. Dots are done with a French knot or colonial knot. You may also come across some lazy daisy stitches and satin stitch here and there. (See "How to..." page if you need instructions on these stitches.) I am using two strands of embroidery thread on the outlines of all of the major parts. On the inner detailed stitching, I use one strand.

January: All stitching is done with two strands except for one strand on: the bucket handle, the snowman mouth, the polka dots on the bow tie, the quilting on the right-hand jacket and the snowflakes. Also, the dog's nose is completely embroidered.
February: The only single strand stitching is the stitching on the overalls and the polkadots on the horse. The dogs nose (as in all the blocks) is completely embroidered.

March: Single strand stitching on the dog on the book, the cupcakes and dots on the nightie, and flowers on the blanket.
April: Single strand stitching on the facial features and the dots and flowers on the rubber boots.

May: Single strand stitching on the small details: dots on dress, polka dots of purse, and the beaded necklace.
June: Single strand stitching on lettering, freckles, circles on the umbrella. plaid pattern on the table cloth and dog on the boy's t-shirt.
July: Single strand stitching on flower on shoe, dots on shirt, polka dots on dog's bandana, stripes on horse blanket.

August: Single strand stitching on polka dots on the bikini, details on the beach pail, and legs on the crab.

Happy stitching!