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Below are two collections of three-dimensional photographs,

Juggling and General Photos

Clicking any image will display a stereo photograph that can be viewed by slightly crossing your eyes until the two images lock and form one central three-dimensional picture. If you are unfamiliar with the technique, read the help file on cross-eyed viewing.

Juggling Photos

297k jpg

Chris LaReau from Urbana, IL, juggling five clubs under a low chandelier at the SHOWBOAT in Las Vegas.

266k jpg

Chris again, showing a wide, easy pattern of big, fat American clubs.

44k jpg

A clean 7-ball bounce pattern by Ken Martin

150k jpg

A nice five-ball pattern by Roy Maltby (I think). .

92k jpg

If you thought only "Real Men" juggled five clubs, check out this "Gal From Renegade," Iman deLachotta-Lizarazu .

73k jpg

If you look closely, you might even see her black eye. Yes, juggling CAN be dangerous!

61k jpg

Ball juggling in the gym. Count all the ones in the air!

53k jpg

Gary Karp posting with Martin Frost (center) and two others.

147k jpg

Dan Bennett juggling seven balls.

44k jpg

Sergei Ignatov juggling seven large balls.

56k jpg

Sergei Ignatov juggling eight rings.

213k jpg

Jason Garfield juggling eight rings.

50k jpg

A rare Juggling Sculpture from Chicago but I don't know the artist.

147k jpg

My own early Five Ball pattern .

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General Photos

86k jpg

Nairn Falls, British Columbia.

83k jpg

My brother Gene in his Chelan, WA shop, Goldsmith Lucerne. Check out those tan lines!

71k jpg

Oh, to be young at Lake Chelan .

104k jpg

Part of the six-mile Chelan Gorge between Lake Chelan and the Columbia River. .

86k jpg

On a street corner in Chicago is this Dubuffet sculpture.

106k jpg

Also in Chicago is this Calder sculpture.

104k jpg

And yet again in Chicago is this huge Picasso sculpture.

111k jpg

Multnomah Falls (620 ft.) , nearThe Dalles, Oregon.

143k jpg

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone (Wyoming) from Artists' Point.

160k jpg

The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone from Artists' Point closer to the edge.

94k jpg

South Falls (177 ft.) , Silver Falls State Park, Oregon.

84k jpg

A pair of Rare Beasts sighted near Chelan, WA .

75k jpg

On closer inspection ...

92k jpg

An installation in downtown Spokane, WA from the front .

94k jpg

And from the rear.

82k jpg

Mount Hood (Oregon) from a half-scale Stonehenge on the Washington side of the Columbia River.

82k jpg

A bowsprit on a sailing vessel in Victoria , British Columbia.

79k jpg

Sunrise from the Butte, looking uplake on Lake Chelan , WA. (Find the chipmunk on the peak of the rock.)

141k jpg

One of the hundreds of waterfalls in Princess Louisa Inlet , British Columbia.

138k jpg

Mt. Skuksan near Mt. Baker in northern Washington State.

180k jpg

A hyperstereo view of one of the canyons above Lake Chelan , Washington.

180k jpg

A hyperstereo view of another canyon above Lake Chelan

74k jpg

Snoqualmie Falls, not far from Seattle, Washington.

123k jpg

An interesting display in a St. Louis mall.

99k jpg

A view of the Arch in St. Louis behind the capital buildings.

76k jpg

A second view of the Arch in St. Louis.

107k jpg

The Snake River above the Hell's Canyon Dam near the Washington/Idaho border.

87k jpg

A railway trestle on the trip fromSkagway Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon.

53k jpg

A sleeping lion in Lucerne, Switzerland.

40k jpg

The Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland.

45k jpg

Glacier Bay, Alaska

74k jpg

Lovers on a bench in Montreal, Quebec (Note the bite out of the apple.)

72k jpg

An unintended Christo sculpture in Montreal.

83k jpg

A typical street in Montreal.

128k jpg

A floral sculpture in Minter Gardens, near Chilliwack, BC.

82k jpg

An old graveyard for Clerics in Mission, BC.

52k jpg

Totem Poles, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC.

52k jpg

Old Totem Poles, Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.

87k jpg

Overlooking the Fraser Valley, near Abbotsford, BC.

112k jpg

Monterey Aquarium, California

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