Ways of Smoking Weed

Joint - This is probably the most well known, and most used way of smoking marijuana among occasional smokers. Joints are hard to roll; take a long time and require lots of practice to do well. On the plus side though, there is nothing to clean, and the more you smoke one joint the more potent the marijuana becomes. As you smoke a joint the resins from the burning weed, coats the unburned weed making each toke you take that much more potent. A joint is usually the size of a cigarette, both in length and in width. Anything smaller then the size of a cigarette is usually called a pinner. A joint can weigh anywhere from 0.3g to 1.5g.

Blunt - Much like a joint only much larger. Blunts are the cigars of marijuana, where joints are the cigarettes. Blunts usually weigh over 1.5 grams, and the diameter and length is larger then that of a joint.

Philly Blunt - A Philly blunt is like a blunt, but with one major difference, the weed is combined with roughly a half to half ratio of tobacco. The filler is usually wrapped up with tobacco leaves, much like fine, hand rolled cigars. Most people set on rolling a Philly blunt, will buy a cigar, empty out the contents and then make the weed and tobacco mixture, the re-stuff the cigar. The Philly blunt was invented first in Philadelphia, hence the name Philly blunt. This method of smoking weed is very popular in Holland coffee shops, but never really seemed to catch on in North America.

Pipe - This method is very popular for people who smoke cannabis on a regular basis, as you don't have to roll every time you want to smoke up. The downfalls however are, that because of resin build up, caused by smoking weed, you will need to change screen, and scrape your pipe on a regular basis.

Bong - A bong is a rather creative method of smoking weed. Bongs are usually used by more experienced smokers, in a group or a party session. The object of any type of bong is to have the smoke pass through the bong liquid (which is usually just water) before it enters the smokers lungs. The bong liquid acts to cool the smoke and to partially filter some of the carcinogens from it. Allowing the smoker to take larger, and deeper hits. Bongs allow very little smoke to not enter your lungs, compared to other smoking methods. So the only thing wasted, is you!

Canadian Bong - The Canadian bong is basically a regular bong, but instead of using a liquid, you use a combination of ice or snow and water. This allows the smoke to cool enough that monster hits can be taken with little or no coughing. As usual the water acts as a filter for carcinogens.

Blades - Blades is a fairly exotic method of smoking. Blades was originally used to smoke rock by lame ass crack-heads, but has been used to smoke weed. Blades is the most effective method of smoking hash. The items you need to do blades is two regular kitchen knifes, a hoot tube and a heat source (stove or torch). Popular items used as a hoot tube are 600 ml pop bottles cut in half where you would use the top half of the bottle; or the tube of a pen. Start by dividing your weed into small manageable hoots, then heat up the tips of the knives using your heat source, grab a hit with the hot end of the knife and suck back the smoke using your hoot tube.

Car Lighters - If you got some weed and a car, and are desperate to smoke weed and have no paraphernalia to smoke with, this is your best bet. Break off small chunks of weed, heat up the car lighter drop your hit on and inhale your hit.

Depth Charges - The traditional style of the depth charge of a fairly effective way of smoking, but compared to other methods it can be rather complicated. The depth charge is usually made out of a plastic two liter pop bottle with the bottom cut off, and a bowl made out of tin foil or a regular pipe bowl. If you are using a metal bowl it might be a smarter idea to use a glass bottle from a 2-6 or a 40 oz liquor bottle, as the metal bowl will get hot and will eventually start to melt the plastic.

Your tinfoil bowl shouldn't be attached to the pop bottle, it should simply rest inside of the mouth of it, so it can be removed with ease. The traditional style of depth charge is smoked in the following manner: First submerge the depth charge in the bucket of water. Light the bowl, then slowly lift the pop bottle out of the water, but do not lift it completely out of the water or the smoke will escape. This will lower the air pressure inside the bottle and draw the smoke into it. Then remove the bowl, and inhale the smoke. As you inhale allow the bottle to be sucked back into the water. Replace the bowl and your ready for your next hit.

Depth Charges: Cannons - Cannons is a variation of the traditional depth charge, which as far as I know was first invented by myself. Cannons allows the smoker to waste less smoke and make smoking easier by not having to remove the bowl. It also allows the smoker to have more control over the size of the hit.

The first step to cannons is to cover the straw with your thumb and light the bowl, then and slowly pull it out of the water, which will draw the smoke within the pop bottle. As with the traditional depth charge don't pull the bottle completely out of the water, or smoke will be wasted out of the bottom. When the chamber is full, suck in the smoke thru the straw. When setting up your next hit push the pop bottle into the water slowly, or the contents of the bowl will be blown out.

Depth Charges: Waterfalls - Water falls is an extreme modification of the depth charge, but still uses the same basic scientific principals of any style of depth charge. Waterfalls is a very inefficient way of smoking, and is mainly done for its entertainment value. Waterfalls should be done by using a bath tub or sink for obvious reasons.

To smoke using this method, cover up the hole with your thumb or use some sort of plug, then fill up the bottle with water. Light the bowl and remove the plug or finger from the hole allowing the water to come shooting out, which will pull the smoke into the pop bottle. Once the water has stopped flowing out of the bottle, remove the bowl and inhale.

Lung - The lung acts as your lungs act when breathing in air. Lungs are fun to make and there is no making a mess as it doesn't use water. To make a lung simply cut the bottom off a two liter pop bottle, and get a small plastic bag. Tape the edges of the bag to the bottom of the top half of the pop bottle. Ensure that the seal between the bag and the bottle is air tight.

To smoke the lung first inhale the bag into the 2L pop bottle with the bowl off the top. Place the bowl on the top of the pop bottle, light it and slowly pull the bag out of the bottle, drawing the smoke into the chamber. Remove the bowl and inhale.

Vaporizer - Consuming weed by using a vaporizer is controversial if your are actually smoking weed. The main idea behind the vaporizer is that you inhale the THC and not the cancer causing carcinogens. A vaporizer is probably the most healthy, most efficient and slowest method of consuming weed. Vaporizers work by heating up the weed to the point where the THC is released from the bud but no smoke is created.