Salt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club
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Breeders and fanciers of hunting retrievers organized themselves in 2000 as the Salt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club (SCHRC). The SCHRC is affiliated with the Hunting Retriever Club Inc. (HRC) who provides the guidelines for testing hunting retrievers, and the United Kennel Club Inc (UKC), who carries the registry for the HRC. The SCHRC was created for the express purpose of advancing the principles of the HRC and the UKC.

The HRC is a family oriented organization focused on realistic hunting situations, both in training and testing. While most members own retrievers, the HRC is open to any other hunting dog breeds that can do the work. Handlers of all ages and experience are encouraged to join us. All hunt tests are sanctioned by the UKC, the largest registry of hunting dogs in the world.

The SCHRC works toward the betterment of hunting retrievers through the sharing of knowledge on breeding and training among its members and providing controlled testing for hunting retrievers. Further, it is the purpose of this Club to promote complimentary conservation, and management of game birds and wildlife species and stewardship of their habitat.

The SCHRC web site contains copies of the Constitution, and Policies and Procedures manual.

To join, you may a) complete the online membership application, or b) fill out and mail this membership application to the secretary (address is on the form). For you and your dog to be able to run in sanctioned Hunting Retriever Club events and earn points, you must be a member of the national Hunting Retriever Club Inc. and your dog must be registered with the United Kennel Club Inc. Please visit their websites for additional information.

For more information regarding the SCHRC, please contact anyone on the executive. You can also visit us on Facebook.

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The next Hunt Test will be held on Aug 20th, 2016.