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This Web Site is about Model Railroading.  It includes:

What's New   latest changes and uploads to the website.

Modellers Notebook  how-to articles and ideas, mostly in HO-scale but applicable in large scale too.

Construction Articles  how to build buildings, tracks, and a whole lot more, mostly  in large scale but applicable to small scales too.

Tech Notes  methods and data of interest to model railroaders but not directly about model railroading.

Digital Command Control and Sound System Articles  give the details for specific installations.

Model Railroad Photographs illustrate our articles and to show off our friends' model railroads.

A Short Story for Children  illustrated with model railroad photos.  But you don't have to be a kid to read it.

Saskatoon Railroad Modellers at the Western Development Museum - who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Links to Other Sites sites of interest to model railroaders.

Please, please sign our Guest Book.  Let us know how we are doing, good, bad, or otherwise.  Your feedback is extremely important to us.

Contact us to ask questions, make suggestions, or just to talk model railroads.

The Saskatoon Railroad Modellers group

Saskatoon Railroad Modellers group
Tom Powell photo

We are a small group of dedicated model railroaders in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  From left to right we are:

Jim Banner:  Retired Electronics Technologist.   Jim models in HO indoors and large scale outdoors when he is not dabbling  in HTML.
Scott Gibb:  Retired as Assistant Chief Dispatcher after 38 years with the CNR, Scott is the only real-world railroader in the group.  Scott models in HO indoors and large scale outdoors.

Wolf Kurz:  Retired Research Scientist.  Wolf is our railroad historian who models in large scale both indoors and outdoors.

Jack Alexander:  Recently retired from the Food Service industry, Jack is a neophyte railroad modeller who models in large scale outdoors.

Tom Powell:  United Church Chaplain at the Royal University Hospital.  Tom models mostly in HO-scale.  Along with the other four members of the Saskatoon Railroad Modellers group, Tom works on the Western Development Museum projects and on the large scale portable BiG railway.

Our group is dedicated to promoting Model Railroading because we believe it is the best hobby in the world.  This web site is part of that effort.
Would you please, now or later, sign our guest book and let us know how we are doing.

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Dancing Penguins
The Saskatoon Railroad Modellers are happy that you visited our site.
"Dancing Penguins" by permission of Caboose Hobbies who would be happy if you visited their site.

A note about spelling:

Generally, this site has been written in the Queen's English.  Thus you will see, for example,  colour instead of the American color, centre and metre instead of the American center and meter, Modellers instead of the American Modelers, and so forth.  However, North American terminology has been used in preference to British terminology, for example, tie instead of the British sleeper, coach instead of the British carriage, and ground (electrical) instead of the British earth etc. etc.  This has no deep meaning and does not reflect anything.  It is just the way we did it.

Jim Banner, web master
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