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Sahara is the FEATURED PET PSYCHIC at all 
locations in the Lower Mainland, BC.


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1) Vancouver (Rupert St)
2) Vancouver (Arbutus St)
3) Richmond (No 3 Road)
4) West Van (Park Royal South)
5) Coquitlam (Lougheed Hwy)
6) Coquitlam (North Rd)
7) Abbottsford (South Fraser Way)
8) Chilliwack (Luckakuck Way)
9) New Westminster
10) Maple Ridge



"Thank-you, that really helped a lot!" 
~ Megan Kloosterman, and dog Layla

"Sahara was very intuitive in deciphering our cats personalities. 
We have a much clearer idea of how to proceed!"
~ Gillian Hunt

”Helpful to know that Ralph’s insecurities will pass with more assurance. 
Insightful, as I was worried. Nice energy with my animals. They felt comfortable with you.”
~ Heather Aston, dog Ralph, cats Pencil & Puddy

“Sahara showed an insight into the personalities and behaviour of my 
two cats (Shasha & Benji). And they responded to her in a most 
positive way. We’ll certainly try out some of her suggestions.” 
~ Melanie, Eric & Melissa Geyo

“I really enjoyed listening to your interpretation of Charlie’s life (dog). 
Hope I can follow at least some of your advice.”
~Mrs. Helen Houston

“Thank you for the insights you have given me, into the mind and spirit of my beautiful Daisy. I feel comforted in knowing that Daisy wants to stay with me and am grateful to have my own suspicions regarding Daisy and her source of unhappiness confirmed. This has been very helpful."
~ Carly Ontiveros, dog Daisy

"The reading was very interesting. It always felt like my partner & I were the only ones that could understand him (our dog Oscar). So it was nice to know that we weren't too far off. I appreciate the validation."

~ Meghan Cressman







My specialty is helping pets & their caretakers with emotional issues. But if your pet is missing or lost, this is something that I can't help you with. Please look up "Remote Viewers" in your area, these types of psychics specialize in anything missing (ie: pets, animals, people, things, etc).  



Testimonials from the BCIT (Shaw TV) Interview

"I felt Sahara had a very immediate intuition to how Lola (our dog) was feeling and what emotional needs she had.

She was very comfortable with Lola and Yuki and (my partner) and the insights she had about Lola's life before she came into our lives was very interesting and seems to fit.

Sahara also was aware of an injury or soreness in Lola's leg, and that was impressive, as Lola had been in an accident and had an operation on her leg.

Sahara has a very friendly, calming way of relating with animals and people. She's very good at sharing her insights and communicating them."

~ Brad Strachan



"I was really happy to hear that Lola (our dog), is happy with us, and loves us. It was wonderful to hear that Lola and I have such a deep connection even from the past life, and that she came into our life as an angel.

We've been always interested in Lola's life before she came to us, and what Sahara told us about that, sounded good, and really makes sense.

Sahara even read my past life and the way how she described it sounded as if it's being reflected in my current life, too. That made me feel like that I'm on the right path in my life now. All that was much more than I was expecting to learn from the session with Sahara, so I really appreciate it, and it was interesting to hear.

Sahara really confirmed that Lola is such a wonderful gift to us! Thank you very much, Sahara."

~ Yuki




Sahara at: 604.908.4846 / Vancouver, BC
or email her at:

Specializing in 'Emotional Issues' with your pets