SACP members have numerous opportunities to serve their community:

(1) When we are out on PATROL, our primary role is to "OBSERVE, RECORD, and REPORT TO DISPATCH". We always travel in pairs for safety: we do not get directly involved in RCMP matters; and we seldom get out of our vehicles. Our members drive their own vehicles, but they receive a gas/mileage fee for the fuel they use on patrols.

(2) SPEED WATCH involves setting up portable radar equipment and an electronic sign which gives instant feedback to passing motorists at locations often suggested by the RCMP, City of Salmon Arm, School District 83, and/or Downtown Salmon Arm. Our Speed Watch shifts can also be combined with RCMP members pulling over speeding drivers identified by our radar equipment

(3) STOLEN AUTO RECOVERY program is coordinated by ICBC. Each week, our SAR Coordinator downloads updated stolen vehicle information that is generated by Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) onto our hand-held Palm Pilots. Then our patrols use these mini computers to check the license plates of parked and moving vehicles as they patrol. If we discover plate numbers listed on the EHS (electronic hot sheet), we alert the RCMP and monitor the vehicle until they arrive.

(3) SACP also provides TRAFFIC AND PARKING SUPERVISION at community events such as Dragon Boat Races, Downtown Salmon Arm Halloween Treat Trail, Salvation Army's Coldest Night of the Year, Salmon Arm Fall Fair parade, Terry Fox Run, Haney House Spooktacular, and CPR Holiday Train

(4) As a partner in ICBC's LOCK-OUT AUTO CRIME, SACP members patrol commercial parking lots and downtown streets during holdiday times looking for theft-vulnerable vehicles: personal belongings on seats, loose change or cigarettes in plain view, anti-theft devices in use. We leave "Crime Prevention Notices" on every vehicle checked -- commenting positively or pointing out situations that might attract thieves.

(5) SACP members get together for two or three social events each year to enhance their feelings of "togetherness" and teamwork.


New SACP members receive several types of trainng:

(1) 3 nights on patrol with pairs of experienced SACP patrollers. Trainees usually spend the first evening in the back seat watching and listening. During the second and third training sessions, they act as the "observer" in the front seat handling the note-taking, cell phone, palm pilot, and police scanner -- with help from the trained observer in the back seat

(2) A day in the classroom at Okanagan College. Constable Cara Volz, our RCMP Detachment Representative, presents and demonstrates a wide-ranging and interesting series of safety and patrol-related topics.

(3) On-the-spot training in setting up and running the Speed Watch radar gun and board

(4) Our Executive sometimes invites guest speakers to our monthly general meetings and arranges other training experiences for all members


(1) 1994 Sally Scales, then-owner of the Salmon Arm Shoppers Guide newspaper, decided to promote some sort of citizens crime watch program because there had been a rash of break-ins in Salmon Arm. Sally placed an ad in her newspaper and then convinced Ken Pearson, the NCO in charge of the local RCMP Detachment, that there was sufficient civic interest to set up a group similar to the one successfully operating in nearby Armstrong.

(2) February 1995 First SACP patrol went out

(3)1998 Paul Cancade, then-president, and Ed Leppington designed SACP caps and jackets after getting permission to use City of Salmon Arm and RCMP logos

(4) April 2005 SACP established a second office in Canoe to provide better coverage for that area. Steve McInnis and Colin Watson installed our electronic equipment in a secure cabinet.

(5)December 2005 Greg Harrison, a SACP member, designed our first website and Sun Country Cablevision offered to host it

(6)January 2008 Salmon Arm Citizens Patrol became a registered non-profit society with its own Constitution and Bylaws (Registration #2-53166).


SACP members at a training session at our local college

SACP sign on the outskirts of Salmon Arm. SACP members are proud we serve our community