Vince's Saab Site

2 January 2005

This site is dedicated to my Saabs - my 1988 SPG, SAABOTR ("SAAB" + "saboteur", geddit?) and my 1974 99LE rallycar.

Click on either photo to go to the SAABOTR or 99 sections of the site.

Throughout the site, I'd advise you to right click on any links you wish to visit, then open them up in 'New Window' or whatever it is.  Otherwise, you will be taken away from my site.

Email me if you like, I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have about my cars.

SAABOTR was the featured project car for February 2003 on the SDS website!

The philosophy behind modifying SAABOTR

Thoughts and nomenclature proposal for modifying older Saabs

See also some photos of SAABOTR at

Other stuff:

Car stuff


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