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Update: August 12 2006

Wiwm uts been forever again since my last update. Well the darkhose project has been terminated. All of the parts are now being put onto Atlas. Quick note, the Atlas also has a brushless system in it!

Update: May 21 2006

Lets see hopefully tonight i'll have most of the dark horse build up to where i am now. Its kind of odd how the forums gets quicker update then my page.


Update: May 15 2006

Wow its been along time since my last update. I think its been about half a year now. ahh well. Here we go with the updates.

First and foremost, i got a camera. Soo now you'll be getting to see alot of pictures that i have taken. Second i have finally finished the Atlas clod's evolution. Another note, i have also picked up two stock clod and converting one of them. I dub it project "Darkhorse".