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  Dear friends,

Russia is a huge country and richness of ornaments and diversity of designs of Russian clothing are enormous. I like to study and make costumes from different regions and time periods and styles. Here you can see my old and newest work.


 November 20, 2010, Arizona Russian Festival, where we really had a very good time.

 Here you are still able to see my old designs of the Russian Stylized Traditional costumes and be able to buy some Folklore Costumes  or some unique and beautiful Russian Stage costumes. Most of them are outfits for women. I also make some men's shirts.

 In stock

I am trying to make my costumes which I am selling affordable and comfortable to dance in and wear, and if you wish your costume to be done more close to the historic replicas (embroidery, patterns), please let me know in advance, before ordering. Russian dances and performances are very different and costumes must be used accordingly!

Now I live and work in Thunder Bay, Canada.  I continue to study ethnic costumes, Russian textile art and historic traditional techniques of making outfits. 

Here are not all of my costumes you can see, ask me if you would like to have something different .  

I wish the best to everyone!

  Ludmila Charest


Costume of Orlov region,19c





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