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Over the few years that I've been a fan, there has been many an occasion where a question popped up about some aspect of our interest in anime. At many of those times it would have been nice if we had numbers to work from. After a while, one gets really curious about just how many of us do different things. So I have been posting a questionnaire in the rec.arts.anime Usenet news group hierarchy since the late summer of 1997, and more recently Anime News Network, Anime on DVD, and some fans have been announcing the web version. The statistics have indeed proven to be useful on occasion. Sometimes, the changes over the past few surveys are also interesting (sometimes more relevant than results from just one survey).

This questionnaire was originally concerned more or less with fans who used Usenet news groups, as a lot of input over the years came from newsgroup users. So, lacking sufficient anime web experience, it is a fair bit short on the web perspective, and certainly needs work to get more web-centric questions. Feel free to send me suggestions.

The past results are available for perusal, and I've plotted some trends in the data. For more information about the questionnaire, take a look at the FAQ page.

The survey is currently closed. It normally runs for about 4 weeks, at some time during September to November. The last one was held from 13 September to 10 October, 2007. The results have been posted. Many thanks to all the anime fans that responded.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire, feel free to e-mail me (ru DOT igarashi AT usask DOT ca) or post to rec.arts.anime.misc.

14 October, 2007
[updated: 14 October, 2007]

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