All prices quoted in Canadian dollars .

Active Electronics   Electronic distributor ,six Canadian locations

Lee's Electronic   A small shop on Main St ,Vancouver crammed with parts and components for the hobbyists . You can send Mr Lee an e-mail with your requests .

Newark Canada   You can view prices and place orders in Canadian dollars! also obtain a catalog

Canakit   If you prefer a kit , you can order one at a reasonable price , Can $ .

MRO Electronic Supply LTD   MRO Electronic Supply LTD On Boundary road Vancouver , Source for Phoenix Contact and electronic parts.

RPElectronics ,Vancouver and Burnaby BC  A favorite of mine , full of the unusuals, some surplus equipments and parts. Looking for a hard to find part , send an e-mail.

Main Electronics   In the heart of Vancouver on Main street . Hard to find items , large stock, you may have to ask for what you are looking for .

Nikkotronix BC  Wide band chokes ,Line filters ,Transformers , Inductors, LCD, Crystals, Resonators, EMI filters .

The Source  (used to be Radio Shack , Canada )

Pacific Semiconductors Inc  For all your semiconductor needs, Specializing in Japanese semi-conductors

A-1 Electronic  Electronic Parts, Kits and surplus parts

Quality Kits   Electronic Kits and projects for all skill levels!

Digi-Key Corporation-Canada  Get a Canadian edition catalog all prices in Canadian dollars.Order on line.

More Canadian Suppliers

Selectron, Montreal Quebec Canada
514-326-5261, FAX 514-321-9870 (3/99)
Buy/sell used electronic test and production equipment.
Most sales as-is, where-is.

Sphere Research, Kelowna BC Canada
250-762-5455, FAX 250-762-0244 (9/99)
Buy/sell/rent used electronic test equipment, optics.

Toronto Surplus & Scientific, Toronto Ontario Canada
416-490-8865, FAX 905-887-0006 (3/99)
Buy/sell test equipment/communications gear.

Addison ,8018 - 8020, 20e ave Montréal
Shopping at Addison is like walking in a candy store , get a basket on the way in.
Tél.: (514) 376-1740,Fax.: (514) 376-9792

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