Handy Dandy Little Circuits #9

Download # 9 in PDF

On this page three adjustable notch filters configurations are shown . They can be used in your small pre-amp or amplifier project to filter out any HUM at 50 Hz ( European ) or 60Hz . By substituting the capacitors values in the bridge other frequencies can be used . All op-amps configuration requires a +/- voltage supply which can easily provided with a voltage divider made of two 100K resistors and a 10 uF filtering capacitor connected from ground to the negative rail . Any op-amps such as the LF353 , TL071, LM308 can be used and supply from a 9 volt battery or other voltage up to 30 volts can be used .

The next one has wider frequency adjustment range but requires two ganged potentiometers . the circuit can be inserted anywhere before the power amplifier.

The filter below is designed for 60Hz with adjustments for frequency and dept . Please note the voltage divider used for ground configuration .