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Introduction to Rogue's Icons Place

- A Buffy and Angel Icon Site -

Just over a month ago, this site started off as a Buffy Icon site.
I started making these icons as a personal project, and to use
them on Livejournal.com, a online journal service.

With 7 pages of icons, 20 icons being on each page, I put up a
small site titled : Rogue's Icons.

The site continued to grow, with more icons being added every
few days. That is when I decided to create Rogue's Icons Place.

Three renditions and over 560 icons later, this site has become
more than an icon posting site. It is my design playground.

With each rendition, I try to make the site as user friendly and
as simple to use as possible. I also want to keep the layout of
this site clean and simple, because it is home to so many of
my icons.

Every day I try to update this site with new icons, and as well
news from the Buffy Universe.

Each icon has been designed to 100 x 100 pixels as per the
icon requirements of Livejournal. Please feel free to take and
use as many icons as you wish. All that I ask in return is that
you send me an EMAIL to let me know they are being used.

Please take a few minutes to explore this site and the various

As well, don't forget to check out the (4) Buffy Wallpapers that I
have added in recent days. The wallpapers can be used for a
display setting of 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

Welcome to Rogue's Icons Place.

Update: Real life has kept me pretty busy and away from this site for a while. But major updates are coming soon.

*Warning - Image Heavy Site Please Let Pages Load*

Rogue's Icons Place Information Area

Site Updates as of April 1, 2003

- Index Page Updated
- News Archives Page Updated

World of Buffy News Information
(News Source is Slayage.com)

- The Future of Angel
- Lies My Parents Told Me Review
- "Players" Angel Ep Review
- Renew Angel The Series Website
- Return of Skip on Angel

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