Updated January 12/14 see below.

My latest large model the Tau Riptide.

My Tyranid Tervigon, actually finished this last year but no image till now.

The Tyranid Tyrannofex with Rupture Cannon.

Thundertusk for my Orge army

First few ships painted up for Dreadfleet, working on the rest and looking forward to playing.

New Trygon, April 7/10

Nefarius Clone from Rackham.

Some of my old favorite Empire models, no new rules for the War wagon though. :(

January 15/12
                          I already got the ark and some characters. Had a couple of games, did ok against a Blood Angels army but not so good in a mega battle vs.
                          the Orks (actually my own army used by my friends). I still like the new Necrons and will get the Stalker and Voidblaes when they come out.
                          The new Ghorgon (Cygor) model and Jabberslythe are awesome and my Beastmen will be getting these additions soon. Other then that the 
                          New Year has started out with lots of gaming including Eclipse, Mage Knight the Boardgame and many more new games.

Updated Feb.28/12 :Wow has it been that long already, I am just not that good at keeping my updates going and even my Blog died pretty quick although it's still up on the net. Anyways there has been lots of new gaming goodness in my life, new games, new mini's, playing lots and looking forward to more.
                         So what are newest additions to my collection,  Boardgames first: Dungeon Petz, Ora et Labora, Eclipse, Walnut Grove, Venture Forth, 
                         Cuba de Santiago,  Mage Knight Board game, Three Musketeers: the Queens Pendant, Gosu:Kamakor, Target Earth, High Frontiers, 
                         Flash Point, LotRings HeroClix, Mecanisburgo, Edge City,  Peurto Rico Anniversary Ed., Quicksand, Evo, Takenoko, Road to Canterbury,
                         Castelli, Days of Steam, Magestorm, Dungeon Run, Olympus, Pergamon, Industry, Hogwarts: House Cup Challange and more. Played
                         most of them already just a few to still try out.
                         Miniatures: Infinity Combined Army starter, Noble Armada House Decados Fleet, Ghorgon for  my Beastmen army. Got lots of painting
                         to do and lots of playing as well.

Updated Apr.8/12 : Finally picked up some of the new Tyranid kits, mainly one Tervigon and one Tyrannofex and they are some fantastic models. Going topaint them soon but also working on Infinity, Heldorado, finishing Dreadfleet and starting an Orge army for our escelation league. Also lots of new games like, Black  Gold, Rex, Warriors and Traders and The Hobbit. Looks like it will be a fun and also hopefully nice spring.

Updated May 30/12 : Many projects on the go the main one being our Warhammer Campaign and I have decided to do the Orges. Ever since they came
                        out I was interested in doing up an army but more so since the Thundertusk and Mournfang Riders came out. So I've got 500+ points put
                        together and almost finished painted. I will add images on the Warhammer page and keep it updated as the campaign progresses. I have also
                        been working on the Tervigon and Tyrranofex for the Tyranids, the Ghorgon for the Beastmen, the Abaddon minis and many other projects.
                        New games, Sunrise City, Merchants of the Middle Ages, Last Will, Pandora: Grim Cargo, Lords of Waterdeep and more, gaming life is good.

Updated July 8/12: Well the 100 years of Stampede is on this week and we'll be heading out to see some events but gaming in my world comes first (other 
                       then family and friends) and the new 40K has got me excited about the game again. We've played one game so far and I really enjoyed it but
                       I will need to change the way I construct my armies to utilize the new rules best. I tried an infantry heavy Eldar army versus Bill Ramsey's vehicle
                       heavy army and it was a good learning experience. Looking forward to trying out my other favorite 40K armies, Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, Tau,
                       Dark Eldar (plan on selling my old army after trying out the rules and if I like the way they play will invest in the new figs) and Chaos. Been 
                       playing lots of games and adding a few new titles like EDO, Lord of the Rings: Nazgul and Empires of the Void.

 Updated Aug.28/12: What a fantastic summer in Calgary, hot and beautiful warm days and evenings, really have enjoyed it. Still played lots of games and 
                       really like the new 40K one of the best editions to date (sorry still not 2nd edition, some nostalgia there), have to try out the rest of the armies 
                      with these rules, Tau, Necrons, Tyranids and Marines. Need to get my Eldar finished and add some of the great new units for the Nercons.
                      Still picked up some new games recently although being a bit more picky since the wave of new games just keeps coming, Descent 2nd Edition
                      (excellent), Alba Longa, Tournay, D-Day Dice, Libertalia, Sky Traders and Vinhos. R

Updated Dec.6/12 : Wow it's been a while since an update and lot's has happened since the summer. Our Warhammer campaign is nearing 1,900 points and
                      my Orges now have a Thundertusk, Mournfang Riders and another unti of Leadbelchers. I am also adding some more core troop as well and
                      then the Yetis, Sabertusks and some more characters. I have not added anything to my 40K armies lately but there are certainly lots of mins I
                      would like to get. I did notice however that the Canadian prices for GW product is quite rediculous and compared to the US prices unbelievable.
                      I really wanted to get the new Hobbit game but not at the cost, someof the mini's are just outragous, sorry GW but I have to draw the line this
                      time. I have added a few games since August but still being quite picky like Merchant of Venus, Mice and Mystics, Star Wars X- Wing, Mage
                      Wars, Seasons, Village, Vanuatu and many more. Well I guess that's all for now I will try and get some images of the Orge minis I've done soon.

Updated Feb.2/13: So I have finally found the time to take some pics and add them to the site. There are new images on the Orge Kingdoms, Tombkings,
                      Orcs & Goblins pages and  a Dreadfleet page since I have spent the time on these amazing ships, too bad the game wasn't supported by GW
                      with expansions and such like Man O' War. But that is not the interest with GW who I believe are just getting way to expensive especially for us
                      Canadians. I recently sent them an email complaining and they've asked me to call them so they can explain why we pay 20% to 25% more then
                      the US. Anyways I still love their product I just won't be getting as much of it anymore unless it's a project like our WH Campaign. I have also
                      gone a bit board game crazy and added Tzolkin, Noblemen, Clash of Cultures, Archipelago, Myrmes, Zombicide, Zong Shi, Santa Cruz, Helvetia,
                      Star Wars card and more to the collection. So lot's of games to play and minis to paint as usual, life is good. 

Updated June 21/13 : Sorry for the late update but upgraded our PC and got Windows 8 which is quite different and I couldn't run my html program so using my
                      laptop with XP. Many new things since February have been added to my collection although I am trying to buy less and only games that have high
                      ratings such as Terra Mysitca, Bora Bora, Augustus, Ill Vecchio, Targi, CO2, Exodus and Kickstarters like Dreadball, Sedition Wars, Ground
                      Floor, Guilds of Caldwallon and a few others I am still waiting for that I have funded. 
                     With regards to mini games I am very excited with the new Eldar, the Wraithknight is an amazing model, looking forward to painting and using it
                     on the battlefield as well as the flyer. We are starting a 40K campaign soon still not sure which army I will use in it, either the Eldar, Tau or possibly 
                     the Tyranids. Try to have more updates soon, happy gaming and stay save.
                     Also as I write this Calgary is going through the worst flood ever, never seen anything like this, fortunately we live on higher ground as do our kids and
                     their families but the devistation is unbelievable, we pray for all those affected.
Updated Sep.2/13: Well it's been a great summer, weather was excellent and still is, didn't play as many games as I would've liked but all the other activities surely
                     made up for it. Been playing more mini games, 40K, Infinity and Epic and painting some miniatures over the last month. I will be attending Fallcon again
                     this year last weekend of this month and helping run X-Wing and Infinity with Bill Ramsey. I plan on selling a bunch of games as well to lighten the 
                     collection I have and get rid of ones I don't play. Looking forward to the new Tyranids which apparently is the next army after the new Space Marines.
                     I have added more games but most were used or on sale and again being picky that they are really good games and not just buying what ever new ones
                     have been released like Bruges, Bioshock, Pathfinder and Rialto.
January 12/14: Well the new year has started off with some fantastic releases mainly the new Tyranid Codex with some cool miniatures for the army as well. Not
                     sure yet about all the changes to the list, it shrunk with regards to the items, biomorphs and Psychic spells that were previously available. Got to try it
                     before I can just however I am happy with the points costs changes especially the Carnifex. Also got a ton of new board games and some great ones
                     like Nations, Amerigo, Madeira, Viticulture, Euphoria, Battlelore 2nd edition, Glass Road, Suburbia, Orge Deluxe, 12 Realms and Deadzone to name
                     but a few. Endless hours of excellent gaming can't ask for much more and lots of mini's to paint as always. A little dissapointed with some of the Kick
                     starters many are getting badly delayed like Xia, Kingdom Death, Torn Armor and Moonga from Wallace. I've decided to stop backing anything since
                     I hate to wait so long for money I've invested. Well back to painting my Battlelore 2nd Edition minis and Tyranid stuff that still needs to be finished. 
June 16/14 :Wow it's been a long time since I updated probably due to the old laptop and program I use for this web site, eventually I will update and upgrade.
                    So what's new since the start of the year, quite a lot in the gaming world, new 40K rules, new mini's for existing armies and many more board games
                    although I am holding off on adding to many new titles for now. I am not doing as many kick starters just don't want to invest and wait for the product
                    unless it's a realy good deal and the estimated delivery is within 6 months. I have been working on soard gmome Epic armies, mainly Squauts and adding to 
                    existing armies like the Tyranids and Eldar. Deadzone has become somewhat of favorite as well as Dreadball, along with Dust Tactics for which my 
                    friend Dan has invested quite a lot into. For Board games there is Lewis & Clark, Caverna, Legacy the Testament of Duke, Concordia, Coal Baron,
                    Ogre Deluxe Edition, biggest board game I own, Prosperity and Warhammer Disk Wars awesome little game replacing the old Disk wars which I 
                    played years ago. Well back to assembling, painting and playing.

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