The Empire is the first full army I started collecting and many of
the models come from some of GWs older games such as Advanced
Heroquest and there joint ventures with Milton Bradley; Hero Quest, 
HeroQuest game packs and Battle Masters. This army has always
been a difficult one to win with, but very enjoyable to play. I am sure
the new version of Warhammer is sure to give this army a few tweaks
and I may even decide to upgrade some of these old figs. One piece of
advice when playing with the present version is always use the rule for
detachments, this is one of the key elements to a sound battle plan.
Updated Feb.5/07 : Wow finally updated after all those years (about 6)
Added a few images below. I am still not sure if I want to rework this army,
although I really like the lastest army book I have too many other projects on
the go right nowm but you never know.

The full army.

The spearmen unit is from Advanced heroquest, The plastic Orges are from
the heroquest Elf adventure pack, The plastic Knights Panther are from
Battle Masters and the Reiksguard are from varies Heroquest packs.

Almost every miniature here is from Battle Masters accept the War Altar,
Warwagon, and the character models.

Just a different angle here.

A bit of a close up.

Three Great center piece models and they have come in handy in many games,
especially the Steam Tank. As you noticed I have the castle model and I really
enjoy the rules for Siege battles. It's a great change from the regular battles
of Warhammer.

Cannon and crew


Spearmen unit