The forces of Chaos are many and varied. Here I will showcase the
different models, armies and conversions I have in my collection.
Updated April 7/10 : Added some new images of Gors and

Here is some of my Beastmen and monstrous host.

This is an old pic and these old chaos hounds are long gone now. Still use the chariots but the
plastic WQ minotaurs I have replace with the metals ones and although I don't care for the
lastest plastic sculpts I may still add in a unit soon.

I have always liked the Dragon Orges but too bad they are now part of Warriors list.

New Gors with Shields and full Command - April 7/10

New Gors with extra hand weapon and full command - Apr.7/10

Shaggoth (still work in progress) Apr.7/10

The Greater Deamons of Khorne and Tzeentch


Greater deamon of Khorne, the Bloodthirster. I modified the face a bit by adding a couple
of extra horns and cutting back his tongue a bit.

Greater deamon of Tzeentch, Changer of Ways.