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This site is dedicated to tracing the descendants of William McDormand & Mary McIntyre and sharing that information with our family. The name McDormand has over the past 300 years has evolved into 4 different spellings: McDormand, MacDormand, McDermand and MacDermand.

Over the past 10 plus years my total family tree data base has grown to 29,811 people with 3,763 different surnames. There is a saying "a lie told often enough becomes the truth" and nowhere does that saying hold true more than in Genealogy. Family Tree information is gathered from such a wide variety of sources invariably errors will be made, those errors will be published and those published errors will be copied by others. Please let me know if you can correct or add to any of my information.

In addition to the genealogy information I have also compiled a collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, book excerpts and other information. Through this web site I can share that information with the family. If anyone wants to add to this collection please let me know.

Data Base Information
The first 6 generations which are published here contain the following surnames which appear at least 30 times:
McDormand 336 McDermand 464 MacDermand 12 MacDormand 96 Buckman 80 Cossaboom 476 Denton 316 Edison 160 Farnham 165 Lent 215
McCurdy 85 McKay 70 McIntyre 82 Medler/Medlar 43 Morehouse 321 Orr 34 Outhouse 472 Payson 98 Peters 241 Titus 474

You may notice as you go through the family tree that some surnames repeat several times. A good example is Juliet Walker who married Wilson McDermand and her sister Eliza married Franklin McDermand who was Wilson's half brother. In addition, Wilson's brother William married Martha Moore and his brother Charles Cormack McDermand married Martha's sister Eliza Moore. This has led me to try connect up some of these families and that has resulted in many people that aren't included in the first 6 Generations as they are not direct descendants of William & Mary McDormand.

Those surnames which appear at least 30 times in my database and aren't already listed above are as follows:
Albright Anderson Armstrong Backus/Backhouse Bailey Baker Baltzer Barteaux Bates Bell
Blackford Bower Brooks Brown Campbell Cann Chute Clifford Coggins Collins
Comeau Crocker Crosby Dakin Davis Dunn Eldridge Elliott Ellis Finnigan
French Frost Garron Gilliland Glavin Goodwin Gower Graham Griffin Haines
Harris Healy Hersey Hicks Hines Israel Johnson Jones Levitt Lewis
Marshall McCormick McMullen McNeill Miller Moore Morrell Morse Morton Newcomb
Nickerson Ossinger Parker Patterson Perry Porritt Porter Potter Prime Pugh
Purdy Pyne Raymond Ring Ritchie Ross Ruggles Sabean Saunders Shaw
Small Smith Sollows Spurr Stanton Stephens Stevens Sulis Sullivan Suthern
Swift Sypher Teed/Tidd Thomas Thompson Thurber Tibert Topping Trask Tupper
Walker Webber Welch White Whitman Wicks Williams Wilson Wyman Young


Recent Additions Work in progress and soon to be added
Update Downloads Page - Jun 14/12 Military Documents, such as draft cards for WWI & WWII
More Photographs Plus New Page 7 Tombstone photographs (80+)
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Take your time looking through all the information and come back often.

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