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[ 29 Apr 2010 ] Introduction

The Lacharité, Lampron, Desfossés Genealogy Project, otherwise known as "The Project" has been taken offline temporarily while I do a major systems upgrade. This could take up to a week and in the meantime you will be seeing this site instead. On the plus side, my new book, The Project - The Genealogy and History of the Lacharité, Lampron and Desfossés Families in North America Volume 1 Generations 1-5 is now ready for purchase. This book would make an excellent present for any family member and help them appreciate the origins and history surrounding their ancestors. I assure you that this will be the most comprehensive, fully cited, genealogy on our family and I believe it will be the benchmark for other researchers now and in the future. This book will be available in PDF format only and will be electronically available to those people who decide to make the purchase. The price of the book will be $22.75. A thumbnail sketch of the book follows:

  • Foreword
  • Chapter 1.- Introduction
  • Chapter 2 - La Charité-sur-Loire
  • Chapter 3 - A Brief History of Canada
  • Chapter 4 - The First Generation
  • Chapter 5 - The Second Generation
  • Chapter 6 - The Third Generation
  • Chapter 7 - The Fourth Generation
  • Chapter 8 - The Fifth Generation
  • Index

If you are interested please contact me to place your order and I will in turn give you the payment details. Once your payment has been received and processed you will have instant access to the book. You can email me for payment instructions by clicking here

The Project is an extensive genealogical compliation consisting of approximately 52,000 people and over 20,000 families supported by documentation (> 12,000 documents) related to the individuals in the project. I believe that I have approximately 90% of all related Lampron, Lacharité and Desfossés families since the 1600's in the Project.

Over the past three years I have been validating all of my data to ensure it is complete and accurate. This is a slow process designed to eliminate duplication and tie the "unlinked families" into the Project. Granted, not everyone is attached to the family tree (there are some "leaves" blowing in the wind) but the vast The majority of people in the Project can trace their families back to Jean Laspron dit Lacharite. Such a monumental task has taken about 32 years of continuous research.

If you want to know more about your family genealogy and you have the surname of Lacharité, Lampron, Desfossés, St Louis, Glaude, Geoffroy or Beaulac (or variations thereof) or are related by marriage then contact me - I can save you untold hours of research. A family tree makes an excellent gift and I can provide detailed narratives and family trees for any branch of the family tree. Please send me your requirements and we can work out the details once we have established contact. You may contact me directly by clicking here


Copyright and Trademark

Copyright: Copyright © 1998-2010 Richard L. Lacharite; The Lacharité, Lampron and Desfossés Genealogy Project. All rights reserved.

Trademarks: The Lacharite Crest and the tag line "The Lacharité, Lampron and Desfossés Genealogy Project" are registered trademarks of Richard Lacharite.

Did You Know?


  • I have over 3500 Lacharité, 3600 Lampron and 1800 Desfossés names, all unique, in my database. If I don't have the name they probably didn't exist ;-). You can see the distribution of names in my database by clicking here. Go ahead and test me (Note: this is a large file)!
  • If you were born before 1940 there is a 95% chance you are in the project; If you were born between 1940-2000, there is a 75% chance you are in the project.
  • I have over 12,000 exhibits (photos, birth, marriage, burial, etc. records) attached to individuals in the database and the number grows by about 20 per week.
  • I can tell you who is related to who within the family tree for 16 generations.
  • I spend about 30 hours per week researching the family tree.
  • The average age at first marriage is 23.9 years; Age at first child is 27.1; Age at death is 49.6; and, average age today is 59.8.
  • If you want to save yourself 100's of hours of research and are looking for your family tree in narrative or chart form, contact me - we can work out the details.
  • A great deal of my research carries a surety of "3" which means that it is supported by documentation, citations and end notes.
  • If grief could be measured in the number of children you lose at child birth then Marguerite Parmentier, wife of Alexis Desfossés, had 10 times the grief of any other mother. She lost 10 consecutive children over a period of 10 years.
  • François Lacharité, patriarch of the Ottawa Valley Lacharité's, was born in Nicolet and is not Irish as was commonly assumed. He was a Private in the 100th Regiment and enlisted in Trois-Rivières.
  • François Lacharité, an "hivernant" was a fur trader with the Northwest Company and later, the American Fur Company. He has a rich history as a "bon vivant".
  • Joseph Lacharité, a "voyageur" in the Northwest and Hudson's Bay Companies, was a member of the 1833 Arctic Land Expedition led by Captain Sir George Back.
  • From Jean Laspron dit Lacharité came the paternal family names of Lampron, Lacharité, Desfossés, St Louis, Geoffroy, Beaulac, Glaude and others.

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