Robert Kan's Travels

British Columbia

British Columbia is where Robert grew up. He loves it here. Of all the places he's been, this is still his favorite place in the whole world.


Around the Greater Vancouver area, there are many beaches. Robert Kan loves to go to the beach just to hang out, and enjoy the scenery. Some of his favorite beaches include Centennial Beach, English Bay, and Spanish Banks.

Recently, Robert discovered Ambleside Park, in West Vancouver. In some ways, he thinks this is a nicer beach than english bay, in that it is much less crowded. In addtion, he also enjoys how you get to see Spanish banks and UBC (Robert's Alma Mater) from across the water.

View from Ambleside Park Even Cherries like the view at Ambleside park Robert Kan eyeing a cherry. Yum yum!


In Vancouver, there is what has become an annual event - Fireworks at English Bay - Every summer, around July-August, there are about 4 nights where you and see free fireworks display on English Bay. Each year, Robert trys to make it to at least one of the days to catch a view of the fireworks. His favorite place to see it is right on english bay beach. It gets very crowded right on the beach - so much so, that about 1 hour before the show, it's impossible to leave your spot, because there is no room to walk! Robert doesn't mind because he thinks that the best view is from English Bay.

Grouse Grind

The Grouse Grind is another activity that is popular with the locals in Vancouver. Robert considers this activity as a guage of his fitness level, so he trys to do it every year, to "Prove" to himself that he is still "fit". What the Grouse Grind is, is a trail that runs up the side of Grouse Mountain, one of the local mountains around Vancouver. At the top of the trail is the Grouse Mountain Lodge. There is actually a Gondola that runs up the side of the mountain, to ferry people to the top. Robert always takes the Gondola back down the hill after doing the grouse grind because he is too tired to hike back down. Plus, it costs only $5.

Local Mountain Skiing/Riding

There are three local mountains within one hours drive from the city. These mountains are, in order of preference:

  1. Grouse
  2. Cypress
  3. Seymour.
All three mountains have some good runs, as well as excellent views of the city. Cypress, however, has the most runs, and is fairly more popular with vancouver locals.

Robert has a larger affinity towards Grouse over Cypress for the following reasons:

  1. Grouse is the closest from Vancouver.
  2. They offer discount unlimited skiing/riding if you pre-buy your pass the season before.

With the Y2Play pass, the pass holder gets unlimited skiing from the day of purchase, until the end of the next season. For example, the Y2Play pass is typically offered in Feb/Mar, so if the pass is purchased in February 2007, it will be valid for unlimited skiing/riding for the rest of the 2006/07 season, as well as for the whole of the 2007/08 season. The Y2Play pass costs only $279, compared to $700 for an unlimited season pass if bought during the during the regular season. To Robert, it's a deal that he can't give up, because he works in downtown, which means that he can drive up to the mountain in 20 minutes, after work, and ride for an hour or two before going home. Robert also likes that he can get discount at the gift shop at the ski lodge by presenting his pass when making a purchse.

City view from the Grouse Mountain Beautiful cloud formations. The weather changes fast on the mountain View from the bottom of The Cut on Grouse Mountain Typical long linups during weekends

Robert's second favorite Mountain is a hard toss between Cypress, and Seymour, but in the end, Cypress has an advantage over Seymour. Robert likes how Seymour is less busy compared to Cypress, so he doesn't have to lineup that much. However, Cypress has much faster lifts so less time is spent on the chair up the mountain. Since Robert mostly ski during the evenings, the lineups at Cypress at night is not that bad. In addtion, Cypress is a little bit closer to downtown compared to Seymour.

Cypress Mountain


Whistler is an all-year acitivity place. During the summer months, whistler has many excellent hiking trails, white water rafting, as well as many shops to parouse in the village. During the winter, Whistler has some of the best ski runs around.

It's been several several years since Robert has done any skiing at Whistler - Mainly because of the price - since it costs over $50 for a day of skiing, plus gas $$$. Robert plans to go to whistler during the 07/08 season, since his snowboarding skills have improved dramatically during the past season. It's now time for bigger and better runs!

During the summer of 2006, Robert went up to whistler for White Water rafting. It was awesome. In the past, Robert went to whistler during the summer only for hiking, and sightseeing. The UBC ski club runs a Hostel on the mountain, and lodging during the summer months are quite cheap - $24 per person during the summer months. You have to bring your own sheets and pillow, though. Robert also loves to just walk around the village, and check out the local activities. Sometimes, they have some outdoor markets, where they sell Berries, and other fresh fruits.



In 2005, Robert went to Honolulu for vacation. This was probably the happiest point in Robert's life. He really enjoyed it there, and knew what it meant to live. Here are some pictures of him having fun.