A Frog's Life

tadpole morphing into frog


A frog starts off as an egg. After a short time it has grown into a fully grown frog. Scroll down  to see the stages that frogs go
through and much more.....


Stages of Frog Development

Age Picture Information


The female lays eggs in the spring. A group of fertilized eggs is called spawn.


7-10 Days

They feed on the remaining yolk which is actually in its gut. Their gills, mouth and tail have poorly developed.  They begin to swim and feed on algae.
4 Weeks

A layer of skin grows over their gills. Little teeth begin to appear. A coiled gut starts to develop  This helps them to digest food.
6-9 Weeks

Their legs begin to grow and their head is more distinct. They start to eat insects and bulge in their daily diet. Arms begin to grow, elbow first.
12 Weeks

It now looks more like a frog, but still has a stubby tail.
20 Weeks

They are now fully developed and spending most of their life out of the water eating a carnivorous diet.  Most frogs live between 4 - 15 years.



By doing this project I have learned a lot about the stages of a frog's development.  I still can't believe how a little egg can grow into a fully developed frog in only 20 weeks.  


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Posted by Ashton

Posted May 30/02