In Late November and early December 2001, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo initiated a series of question and answer email correspondence with the fans of his band. Official site webmaster and longtime friend of Weezer, Karl Koch:

"He started to become interested in the hardcore fans' points of view (due to the great questions and comments they were writing), and how their comments were remarkably similar (in cases) to things a producer might say. In a way it was getting advice from people who had no financial interest in the subject, (like a producer or a record label guy), just artistic."

In January 2002, Cuomo entered what could be considered 'phase two' of his online interaction with fans - he began to post on the Weezer message boards.

Cuomo posted covertly under a pseudonym at first, to avoid attracting too much attention. Eventually he ended up confirming his true identity - though there is still much debate within the online Weezer community as to whether or not it is truly him.

It's assumed that Cuomo's intentions were to respond and interact with fans in a more direct and immediate manner than via email. The result has so far been some very insightful comments from Cuomo on subjects that had previously remained untouched, and from the fans, a wealth of constructive (and unconstructive) criticism and suggestions for the production of Weezer's most recent material. Cuomo would have 'in progress' songs posted on Weezer's official website, then go and selectively collect information from the message boards. Feedback was (and still is) instant. In many ways, the Weezer message boards co-produced Weezer's fourth album, Maladroit with them - something that Cuomo and his band evidently appreciates. A 'special thanks' went out to the 'weezer message boards' in the Maladroit insert, and free tickets are currently being offered to registered message board users for Weezer's 2002 summer tour.

Whether or not Cuomo plans to continue this interaction as long as he's making albums remains to be seen. As of now it appears he is still posting songs and collecting information, and the new Weezer album is due in February of 2003.

This website presents an archive of this artist/fan correspondence. The emails are unedited and legitimized by Koch, who assisted Rivers by siphoning through a number of letters and forwarding the more topic relevant ones to him, then forwarding Rivers' replies back to the sender. The archived message board threads - in which Cuomo posts as 'ace' - have been selected from various Weezer message boards including the board, the Rebel Weezer board, the board and the now infamous Rivers Correspondence Board.

Many thanks to Karl for his help with this website, and of course, Rivers Cuomo for taking the time to personally correspond with all of us. It's good to know that we as fans are somehow able to return a small portion of the good things that you've given us over the years.

If you have any correspondence you have exchanged with Rivers Cuomo that is currently not a part of this archive, please contact me. If you have something you would like to communicate to Rivers and/or the rest of the band Weezer regarding their music, please feel free to do so in the RCA guestbook (follow link below). Your entries will be reviewed and deleted if necessary before they are posted, so please be intelligent with your comments.

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"dialogue is good, everyone involved seems to agree on this concept..."

- Karl Koch, 12/02/01, regarding the posting of the following correspondence.


"no artist has 'incorporate(d) his fanbase ... into his psyche' like i have."

- 'ace'


Phase One - Email Correspondence

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Holy shit. Asschun speaks the truth.

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I think we should keep Rivers' replies on the DL

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'The RCA' - (Rivers Correspondence Archive)

Rivers Correspondence Archive

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Phase Two - Message Board Correspondence
(posting as 'ace')

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