African daisies in spring River crossing, Kazakhstan

"Don't think that I criticize or cavil
At a geniune urge to roam,
But why oh why do the wrong people travel,
And the right people stay back home?"

Noel Coward




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The Sounds of Silence
This article appeared in The Globe & Mail, May 2004, describing a new desert game reserve near Cape Town, South Africa.

Arid wildlife.

Wild Africa's comeback
This article appeared in The Globe & Mail, Sept 2003, and documented a bold experiment in animal conservation being undertaken in South Africa.

Animal conservation
Lion - one of the Big Five at Shamwari Reserve.

Chasing the storm
This article was the cover story in WestJet Inflight Magazine of November 2002. Summer may the West Coast's best-known time to play, but when the Pinapple Express sweeps in from hawaii, hang onto your hat!

Storm-watch capital on Vancouver Island
The wild West Coast.

This article appeared in Western Living in 2004, telling about the new developments in this small but charming Vancouver Island town.

The new Cannery.

Autumn in the Cowichan Valley vineyards
Vancouver island's wineries are making a name for themselves as wine buffs come to realize that hot summer days and well-drained aluvial till make for perfect grape country.

To grape or not to grape
The wine when t'is red

Kidding around Victoria
This article appeared in WestJet Inflight Magazine in July 2002. Four memorable and reasonably priced activities, with children firmly in mind, are described.

A handful of gemstones.

Mini-Guide to Natural Cape Town
This article appeared in GreatestEscapes! in November 1999. I describe two great atractions that are both free and fascinating ... whale watching from the shore, and swimming with penguins in sheltered bays.

Whale watching
Whale watching from the land.

Undiscovered Cape Town
This sequel to the 'Mini-Guide (above) described a weekend spent at a remarkable game reserve where some of the most popular animals are over 500 years old. Go figure.

Published in GreatestEscapes! in December 1999.

Bushman paintings
Bushman rock paintings.

A travelogue of this little seaside town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, incuding a short history of the area, where to shop, and what to buy.

Port Sidney
Flower baskets at Port Sidney.

The Shamwari Game Reserve
This article was written for GORP online magazine, and described a remarkable experiment in wildlife ecology. Where government parks have consistently failed, an entrepreneur has turned the clock back 200 years to re-create the wilderness of the southern African bushveld -- a uniquely different flora and fauna region.

Lions roam free.

The Galloping Goose
An article that appeared in WestJet Inflight Magazine, describing a little-known gem in Victoria, BC. An old railway right-of-way runs west and north from the city, providing a wonderful venue for walkers, strollers, bikers, skaters and more to enjoy both the suburbs and countryside that surround the provincial capital.

Arbutus tree trunk.

Trouble in the Halls of Zion
This article appeared in the Globe & Mail, Canada's national newspaper, where it discussed the pressures on US parks, and Zion N.P. in particular. When to go, and how to avoid the crowds.

Zion N.P.
Sandstone walls.

Into another world on the wild West Coast
This article was the result of a perfect weekend spent at Hot Springs Cove on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC. It appeared in WestJet Inflight Magazine.

Hot Springs Cove
Hot Springs Cove.

Chasing fantastic flora
This article on the unique plant diversity surrounding the city of Cape Town in South Africa, appeared in the Globe & Mail in March 2002

Kirstenbosch Gardens
The National Botanical Gardens at Kirstenbosch.

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