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Mennonite Family History

I've disabled the files at this site. You are very welcome to visit other Mennonite History websites that I'm involved with:

  • RempelFamily - for my own family history - while features Rempels, it also provides information on my other ancestral names (Kaethler, Stobbe, Isaak, Fischer, etc.)
  • Mennonite Genealogy Data Index - for a comprehensive, geographically oriented list of genealogical resouces available to Mennonites with "russian" ancestry (links to online resources, connecting details for offline resources)
  • Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta - organization for which I volunteer as the Coordinator and Archivist
    • MHSA Blog - a device for the MHSA in which I share news of new Mennonite history/genealogy resources, methods, tips, etc.

Judith Rempel
25 Mar 2007