Memorial Service Eulogy, Monday, January 26, 1998
The names of children have been replaced with Son, Daughter, Niece and Nephew, for their protection.

We are here today say goodbye to an incredible women, my sister Laurie Ann Lees. It doesn’t feel right, to say that sentence, for many reasons. One being that at Lauries age of 39, we should not be saying goodbye to her and another because I’ve always called her Lore rather than Laurie.

When I was little I had a hard time saying Laurie. Over the years Laurie explained to me how I started off saying “ORY”. She helped me and helped me to add the “L” sound. I eventually did but in the process forgot the “IE” sound at the end of her name and thus to this day my loving sister has and always will be my “Lore”.

Over the past months Lauries family and friends have talked about how much good there is to say about Lore. But, just like we all know, Laurie had the gift of gab and so do her family and friends and we don’t have time today for a 10 hour mini-series.

During those talks many words kept being repeated in regards to Laurie: Loving, Caring, Giving of herself, Comforting and Helpful to name only a few.

I’d like to exemplify this by reading you a portion of a letter Laurie gave me back in 1994, just in case, prior to her leaving on a long car trip. Laurie wrote this letter approx. 6 months after her daughter was born and is one of many examples of her love for her children.

To Ryan,

Love my daughter, cuddle her, sing to her, read and tell her stories. Tell her all about her Mommy and how much I love her. Teach her “everything”, (or almost everything), and raise her as your own. I know she’s in good hands with you.

Thank you, love your sister Laurie.

You have my word Lore.

Laurie was and will continue to be through her family and from above, a loving caring Mother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend and all around human being.

I developed my love for art through Lore. She taught me how to draw, paint and create and after I was grown Laurie started to pass that on to her children and her many nieces and nephews whom all love Aunty Laurie loads and loads.

Over the past few days Laurie’s nieces have been writing about their Aunty Laurie and with their permission I’d like to read you some of their thoughts and feelings.

niece, age 7:

If you wanted to do art with her it’s too late, she died.
I helped her take care of her daughter. I liked it when I heard her voice.
There’s a hole inside me that wasn’t there before. It’s like cutting your finger and scrapping your knee and my heart is half broken and half still ok.
I found out today. I am mad now. She wore pretty clothes when she was alive.

niece, age 7:

When I was in the change room at school I was alone, I felt sad so I asked my Aunty Laurie to come down and stay with me. I feel mad and sad.
When I had my birthday my Aunty Laurie took me to get my ears pierced. She held my hand and I felt happy.
She’s a little angel now and she’s looking down on us with red hair and always in our hearts and I love her very much.

I could not have said it better myself.

The love from friends and family towards Laurie is microscopic in comparison to the love toward and from her beautiful Daughter and handsome Son. Laurie was their life and love and they are Laurie’s. Not only do they have Laurie’s shining red hair but they also have her zest for life, her mothering and caring instincts and Laurie’s creativity.

Laurie’s loving spirit was taken from this planet long before it’s time, and I believe God knows that, but I’m positive that when Laurie arrived in heaven and was greeted by her Aunts, Uncles, friends and Grandparents, God knew that heaven had become much much stronger in it’s battle against evil.

Laurie’s spirit will be kept alive on this planet forever, through her mother, father, step-mother, 5 brothers and their spouses, 11 nieces and nephews, many Aunts, Uncles and cousins and her numerous, numerous friends but most of all through her Daughter and Son.

God bless you my niece and nephew.

God bless you and love you and comfort you Lore, you are now at peace.
I love you

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