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SMSPlus 1.4b




- June 29 2013 -
SMSPlus-MOS V1.4b released

A new version with a few small fixes for G5 and laptop screenmodes

V1.4b June 28 2013
- Rewrote display init stuff to work better on G5 and laptops
- Screen borders are properly blanked on all settings
- Display is properly centered in scanline+overlay+fullscreen

- July 6/08 -
SMSPlus Version 1.4 released

This version has similar features to those recently added in my other emulator ports.

V1.4 July 6 2008
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay
- Audio channels only allocated while emulation is running
- Added compact mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Added rompath selector
- Made gui resizable and fixed spacing
- Added 1 and 2 player joypad configs

- August 19/06 -
SMSPlus Version 1.3 released

This release has many improvments including a quick rom selector, scanline mode and smoother audio playback

V1.3 Changes
- added quick selection file lister
- Added scanline mode for fullscreen and window/overlay
- fixed audio for smoother playback
- added volume change slider
- optimized gfx copying a bit

Use the download link on the left to get the latest version.

- August 31/04 -
SMSPlus Version 1.2 released

This release has better sound, save states and many other small improvements in general.

V1.2 Changes
- Updated to latest SMSPlus v1.2 source code making fixes where necessary
(v1.2 has improvements in sound (voices in SF2, AlteredBeast etc.) and many other areas, you can see full changelist at the original author's site :
- Integrated seperate audio task to improve sound playback
- Video is better synchronized
- Fixed screenshot saving
- Added SaveState support
- Changed icon to "Emerald Games"

Use the download link below to get latest version.

- April 3/04 -
SMSPlus Version 1.0b released

This is just a quick release that fixes GameGear support.

V1.0b changes
- Fixed GameGear support
- Adjusted display offsets a bit

Use the download link below to get latest version.

- April 2/04 -
MorphOS version of SMSPlus released!

SMSPlus emulates the classic Sega MasterSystem and GameGear game consoles. SMSPlus currently runs many commercial titles with good speed, sound support, sram support and excellent compatibility. The MorphOS version also features a new MUI based "skinned" gui. Expect more options and some small bugfixes in the next release.

Have fun :)




- Original SMSPlus written by Charles MacDonald
Charles MacDonald's HomePage

- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Emerald Games
Emerald Games

"SMSPlus - MorphOS" is freely redistributable according to the GNU general public license.

E-mail questions,comments and contributions to: