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- July 13 2014 -
GenesisPlus-MOS v1.7 available

A new version GenesisPlus is now available for download. This one adds a preview pic in the main window and thumbnails for the savestate manager plus a few other features / fixes.

v1.7 July 13 2014
- filters employed to only show valid rom filenames (.cue|.bin|.smd||.sms|.gg)
- auto detect of pal and ntsc roms and set audio/video timings accordingly
- preview pics in startup window added
- thumbnails added to savestate manager

- September 13 2013 -
GenesisPlus-MOS v1.6 available

Version 1.6 of GenesisPlus is now available for download. This one fixes a few bugs that were causing some roms to lockup the system. Also, the 'C' button on usb gamepad is mapped correctly now.

v1.6 September 13 2013
- fixed C button USB gamepad mapping
- fixed some unfreed signals on exit
- fixed certain roms locking up the system issue

- September 03 2013 -
GenesisPlus-MOS v1.5 available

Version 1.5 of GenesisPlus is now available for download. This is a major update featuring a new emulation core that now supports Genesis - SegaCD - MasterSystem and GameGear.

V1.5 Sept. 03 2013
- Major update complete overhaul of emulation core to
  new based on the latest GenesisPlus Wii version
- Sega CD, MasterSystem and GameGear emulation
- Better window size handling
- Seperate rom dirs for each supported console
- New input configuration panel
- XBox 360 gamepad support via sensors.library
- New save state manager panel
- Many other bug fixes and improvements

- June 29 2013 -
GenesisPlus-MOS V1.4b released

A new version with a few small fixes for G5 and laptop screenmodes

V1.4b June 28 2013
- Rewrote display init stuff to work better on G5 and laptops
- Screen borders are properly blanked on all settings
- Display is properly centered in scanline+overlay+fullscreen

- July 5/08 -
GenesisPlus-MOS V1.4 released

Yet another version of Genesis Plus is ready with several gui fixes and a video sync option. Works nicer with MorphOS 2.0 defaults in general.

V1.4 Jul 5 2008
- FullScreen + Overlay mode clones the Ambient resolution
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Added video sync option (fix screen tear on some systems)
- Added compact gui mode
- Option to remove background patterns
- Improvements to the spacing and resizing of gui elements
- audio channels are allocated only while emulation is running

- May 10/08 -
GenesisPlus-MOS V1.3 released

New version available for download with several improvements to the emulation thanks to switching to the GameCube/Wii version of the source code. Some of the interface improvements that were added to fceu-mos are also included.

V1.3 May 10 2008
- Switched to the latest GameCube/Wii
  version of the Genesis-Plus source code
  which features better sound, improved cpu
  cores and sram emulation. etc.
- Enabled full stereo sound output
- sram auto load/save added
- Save states made operational
- Iconifies with program icon now
- Added reset key on F12
- Commodity info text shortened
- Added 1 and 2 player joypad configs
- Added selectable rom path
- Stability fixes

- July 22/07 -
GenesisPlus-MOS V1.2 released

Tiny update of GenesisPlus available allowing the GUI to be resized.

V1.2 October 15 2007
- GUI is now resizable

- July 22/04 -
GenesisPlus-MOS V1.1 released

A new release of GenesisPlus with fixed sound and a few other improvements is now available.

V1.1 July 22 2007
- Fixed sound support so most games have full audio now
- Updated audio engine for better audio/video sync
- Added scanline graphics mode
- Added quick rom selector

Download on the left.

- April 28/04 -
MorphOS version of GenesisPlus released!

GenesisPlus emulates the classic Sega Genesis/MegaDrive game console. GenesisPlus currently runs many commercial titles with good speed, sound support, and excellent compatibility. The MorphOS version also features a new MUI based "skinned" gui. Expect more options and some small bugfixes in the next release.

Have fun :)




- Original GenesisPlus written by Charles MacDonald
Charles MacDonald's HomePage

- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Emerald Games
Emerald Games

Special thanks to Richard Bannister for providing some PPC fixes. :)

"GenesisPlus - MorphOS" is freely redistributable according to the GNU general public license.

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