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FCEU v1.6




- February 10 2015 -
FCEU V1.6 fixed archive

A small bug was found in the first release that caused sram not to save correctly. Please re-download if you got the archive earlier. Correct archive is: 666118 bytes in size.

- February 10 2015 -
FCEU V1.6 released

A new edition of fceu this time updated with a new emulation core and improved mappers. The awesome rom hack known as "Zelda: The Legend Of Link" is now playable on the emulator.

The game requires an original Zelda PRG0 rom with this ips patch pre-applied:

v1.6 February 10 2015
- updated emulation core to fceu_mm latest svn build
- updated all mappers to latest fceux versions
- fixed mmc5 register $5130 emulation 
- Legend Of Link rom hack now works
- doubled sound output
- fixed a file requestor crash

- December 25 2014 -
FCEU V1.5 released

A new version this time with image previews added to main window and in the savestate manager.

- added preview screenshot in main window
- added preview thumbnails to savestate manager
- modified visible area to match an average tv display with overscan
- filename filter added to dir listing (NES|FDS)

- October 11 2013 -
FCEU V1.4 released

A new version brought up to sync with recent genplus release. Features configurable controls and save state manager.

- Improved screen display offsets
- New input configuration panel
- XBox 360 gamepad support via sensors.library
- New save state manager panel
- Many other bug fixes and improvements

- July 11 2013 -
FCEU V1.3c released

A new version with a few small fixes for G5 and laptop screenmodes

V1.3c July 11 2013
- Rewrote display init stuff to work better on G5 and laptops
- Screen borders are properly blanked on all settings
- Display is properly centered in scanline+overlay+fullscreen

- July/6 2008 -
FCEU v1.3b released

Fixes a couple of tiny bugs that slipped in to the last release.

V1.3b July 6 2008
- Compact prefs setting now saved on exit
- Fixed a few remaining MUI color issues

- July/5 -
FCEU v1.3 released

FCEU is updated to bring it inline with recent GenesisPlus updates.

V1.3 July 5 2008
- Fixed MUI colors to work with most configs
- Shortened the commodity description line
- Clones Ambient resolution in full screen + Overlay mode
- Audio channels allocated only while emulation is running
- Added compact gui mode
- Added BG pattern toggle
- Added video sync option
- Borders filled black in fullscreen mode
- Cleaner sound channel termination
- Alternate gfx set by Christophe Delorme added in archive

- December/9 -
FCEU new gfx set available

gfxdata Christophe "Highlander" Delorme created an alternate "skin" for FCEU. Replace the original "gfxdata" folder with the one contained in the archive to give it a try. Download on the left.

- November 26/07 -
FCEU-MorphOS v1.2b available

This one fixes the double filename bug introduced in v1.2

V1.2b November 26 2007
- Fixed double entries in romlist on initial startup

- November 23/07 -
FCEU-MorphOS v1.2 available

Another release with several bug fixes is ready to go.

V1.2 November 23 2007
- ntsc/pal setting can be used from cli
- Joypad prefs function in cli mode now
- Rom path is refreshed upon initial startup
- Iconify changed to respect executable name
- Enabled 2 player support for joypad on port 2
- Fixed NULL filename problem (FDS related)

- November 5/07 -
FCEU-MorphOS v1.1 available

Another edition of FCEU is ready with several improvements and changes made. Download on the left as usual.

V1.1 November 5 2007
- F12 key mapped to reset NES
- FDS support added (F6 selects disk) and F8 (ejects/re-inserts)
- "Cattou Ninden Teyandee" english patched rom works now
- Added NTSC/PAL video mode selection
- Added Joypad/Gamepad button config option
- Added runtime IPS patching support
- Program iconifies with program icon instead of default tool
- Default rom path can be changed in the interface now
- Added some alternative program icons that fit "panel" better
- Stripped binary for smaller file size

Important MUI related note:
If you can not see GUI elements because the background is showing through you must modify your MUI preferences so that the color settings are not set to "same as parent object". Set to a light grey color or other neutral setting.


- October 31/07 -
FCEU-MorphOS v1.0 released!

I finally put the finishing touches on an FCEU port for MorphOS. Halloween release, hope you enjoy it. FCEU emulates the classic NES/Famicom game console. FCEU currently has great compatibility, sound support, save ram and save state support. Download on the left.





- MorphOS port by Kelly Samel / Emerald Games
Emerald Games

"FCEU-MorphOS" is freely redistributable according to the GNU general public license.

E-mail questions,comments and contributions to: