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Norse Resources


Here are a number of resources generated by our House. Make use of these freely, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Norse Tent Plans

This is the material plans for our Larger Norse Tent featured in the tutorial below. Check back here soon for other sizes. All tent plans shown are designed and displayed in AutoCad. Free plugin included for viewing and printing here.


How to Setup a Norse Pavilion Tutorial

A tuturial on how we erect and rig our Norse tents

The pavilion shown in this example is quite a large one (12 feet high, 20 feet long and 14 feet wide at the base), and rare for its size. It is meant to hold one family comfortably while leaving room for table and benches to allow large groups to visit (read party). It is featured in many of the shots on the rest of this website


Norse Rowing Chest Plans

These are based on the Norse Rowing Chests that filled much the same function as these, seating (albeit theirs had rounded tops and less room) and storage that was kept off the ground via raised bottoms. Our design uses very similar dimensions except one: The height of the bottom. Makes the thing look a lot longer then it is! Free plugin included for viewing and printing here.

The 95 degree angle of the originals and these make them very sturdy.

Norse Tent Fabric Calculator

This is an excel spreedsheet that we designed that will calculate the amount of fabric required based on your desired tent dimensions. It also gives several other factors in sewing the tent like total stripe length for doors and walls. It accounts for all fabric used in walls, doors, ties, and tent bag.

Osberg Cart

A small dog sized Norse cart for carting our small water keg around. Got a couple insights on the supposed 'historical' cart reconstruction. And that damn 'guard' dog has to learn to haul his own weight if he is gonna keep coming to events with us.. Here are the plans showing the design work done so far.. Free plugin included for viewing and printing here.


Norse Tunic Guide

This is a handout we created for a Norse Tunic/Dress workshop we ran. Gives Down to earth instructions on how to build a comfortable Norse Tunic. Lots of illustrations.

Best viewed with IE 5+ at 1024x800. All required plugins available here.