SITH Rattery Shipping Terms and Policies


1 -a) In some rare instances, we may consider shipping by air to areas of Canada and the United States, where it is safe to do so, and we may also consider International shipments.  We prefer to ship only to other reputable ratteries or to persons known to us through the online pet rat community.  We reserve the right to decline shipments, particularly to person's unknown to us, or to any of our large network of online friends.  Our rats are our babies, and there is simply no way to know what fate we are shipping them off to.

1 -b)  provided weather conditions both here, and at the destination, are neither dangerously hot or cold.

1 -c) provided the customer makes and pays for all arrangements with the airline, and chooses a date and time when it will be convenient for us to transport the rats to the airport.  The less of our time that is spent on planning and discussing such a project, the more inclined we will be to go through with it.  Please don't come to us with questions that only the airlines can answer.  Their policies, prices, and requirements, are always changing and we have no idea what the current ones may be.  All possibilities should be looked into.

1 -d) provided the rats are shipped in a sturdy and secure airline approved pet carrier. We prefer to ship in plastic TACONIC filtered laboratory transit cages with "high opaque lids" and a divider for groups of more than one sex.  These containers, used by both laboratories and pet stores are designed specifically for safely shipping small animals. This is the number where you can order one and have it shipped to us directly: 877-727-7287.  Good quality second hand shipping containers can be ordered though
Brisky Pet Products. (Note: Brisky's online form only works if both the billing and shipping address are in the USA. If shipping to me, or to or from any other address within Canada, you must place your order using their toll free number, which is: 1-800-462-2464).  If you already have shipping container, or a modified cat or dog carrier, screened with wire to keep baby noses in, or better yet, a small sturdy cage packed within a modified cat or dog carrier, you can send that to us instead, and we will ship in it, provided we deem it to be safe.

2) In order to minimize stress to the animals, rats must be shipped in groups of 2 or more.  We actually prefer to ship larger groups and will be more inclined to ship if several persons agree to go together on the shipment.

3) A $20.00 fee will be charged over and above the price agreed on for the rats, in order to cover airport parking and mileage expenses.

4) We will only ship healthy rats over 6 weeks of age, however, due to situations outside our control, we cannot guarantee the animals health condition when they arrive at their final destination.

- If a health certificate from a vet is required by the airline, or requested by the adopter, we will try to find the most reasonable price possible. We would estimate the vet fee to be $35 to $50.00 Canadian, per rat, although we would certainly do our best to negotiate a group rate.   Again a $20 fee will be charged over an above that charged by the vet for mileage and expenses to and from the vet visit.

5) Although we have never had a shipping mishap, for our peace of mind, we request that the buyer contact us regarding the condition of the animals, by either phone or email, as soon as they get them home, as each and every rat from SITH Rattery is special to us, and has been hand raised as a beloved member of our family.


6) Sadly, past shipping experiences have proven that it's more trouble than it's worth.  We have lost money and travel cages, and wasted a lot of time trying to help people make shipping arrangements that fell through on their end.  We have no problem placing all of our babies locally, and as you may have gathered from reading all of the above,  we really do prefer NOT to ship!

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