Morrowind Medium Armor Sets

Nordic Bonemold Dragonbone Dreugh Indoril Orc Adamantium Royal Guard

Medium armor is not that good. There are not many medium armor sets and, to make it worse, there's no medium armor master on the island. You would do better to choose light or heavy armor as a primary attribute.


Nordic Armor (Bloodmoon only)

This is one of the two new high-class armors that came with Bloodmoon. THere are three ways two acquire this pretty cool-looking armor:
1) Simply loot. Pieces of the armor are thrown around the island in chests and skeletons. With some patience one can easily collect the whole thing.
2) Kill a Skaal Honor Guard in the Skaal Village. Don't be an idiot and just attack the guy on sight. Taunt and then attack. The Honor Guards are ecquiped with full nordic armor.
3) *Spoiler* Finish the main quest. Towards the end of it you will get to fight the Skaal Chieftain. The guy has a full nordic set and you have to waste him anyway... So why not take what he doesn't need anymore?*endspoiler*

On a side note the nordic armor is the weakest of the Morrowind super-armors, but it's still pretty cool to have ;-).

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Bonemold Armor

Bonemold armor is a fairly good medium armor set. All of its parts are available.
You can acquire it easily by killing a Redoran Guard or simply by buying it.

Official Site says:Also known as 'Great House' armor in Morrowind, bonemold is a medium weight armor affordable only by Dunmer nobles. Each piece is assembled from many pieces of softened shell, molded into shape, then bonded and reinforced with resin glues. The example shown here features a distinctive House Redoran gah-julan ('great-benefit') helm with the protective cowl deployed for ash wastes travel.

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Dragonbone Armor

A really coollooking armor that is regretfully incomplete. Nevertheless you can find a cuirass, a shield and a helmer for it.

All three - in Tukushapal, Sepulcher
Cuirass: the traders in Caldera and Molag Mar have it.
Helmet: Molar Mag trader has it.
Shield: Calder trader has it.

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Dreugh Armor

Similar to the Dragonbone Armor the Dreugh armor only has a cuirass, a shield and a helmet. It looks rather dreadful too ;-).

Cuirass: The trader in Suran and Redoran Smith in Vivec have it.
Helmet: Balmora armorer and Suran trader have it.
Shield: Balmora armorer has it.

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Indoril Armor

Probably the best medium armor in the game, very expensive and good-looking, the Indoril armor has one major flaw - it makes you a target for every ordinator in the game. This is quite annoying.
The armor can be found on the corpse of any ordinator. Corpses of ordinators are made by poking them with sharp objects.
Alternatively, you can do some temple quests. At some point, in the Vivec Temple, you will be allowed to take an Indoril Armor but asked not to use it in front of the ordinators.

Official Site says: Indoril armor is the ornate heavy armor style worn by Ordinators, a military order of knights in service of the Tribunal Temple. Gold leaf details the pauldrons, bracers, and helm of this insect-shell laminate armor. So many Ordinators come from House Indoril that the armor style is known as 'Indoril' armor, though knights of all Great Houses may serve as Ordinators.

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Orc Armor

The Orcish Armor is the best Medium Armor apart from the Indoril and the Nordic sets. Seeing as to how the Nordic set requires Bloodmoon and the Indoril armor attracts too much attention, the Orcish Armor can be very useful. Besides it looks awesome ;-).
To get it you could:
1)Just kill an orc. There's lots of them around the shrines in Morrowind. Specifically there were at least three near a shrine in the open southwest of Dagon Fel.
2)You can also snatch a full orcish set from the Fighters Guild in Ald-Ruhn.

Official Site says:Based on High Elven designs, orcish armor is an ornate but remarkably light steel plate worn over cloth padding. Light and comfortable by contrast with other steel plate designs, orcish armor commands premium prices from campaigning mercenary officers and style-conscious nobles.

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Adamantium Armor (Tribunal Only)

A cool new armor added by either Tribunal or
this official plug-in.
To get it you could kill Appelles Matius in Ebonheart. Or you could collect adamantium ore and have the smith in Godsreach forge it for you.

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Royal Guard Armor (Tribunal only)

The armor of Helseth's personal Guards. Average quality armor. To get it kill a guard.

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