Radico Consulting Ltd.


Radico Consulting is an IT infrastructure consultantcy where we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are practical, stable, and cost efficient.  For the past 10 years we have provided on-site support, design, and project resources to the Calgary oil and gas industry.


We also develop system level utilities to solve specific problems for our clients.


Examples :


ADJoin  - a utility that alows a client to pre-select the OU within an Active Directory Domain where a computer account will be created when joining a domain.


Pinter Finder and Installer -  an LDAP based web utility that provides a client with a geographical treeview to help locate the nearest networked and Active Directory advertised printer, once that printer is identified it can be connected to and the drivers installed with one click on the web page. One of my clients uses this application world wide so that a travelling client can locate a printer in a foreign office and be ready to work in seconds.


Script-O-Matic – a utility for remotely launching scripts, patches or application installs, with the added ability to report registry entries back to a central console for verification of results.


Stock App – a motivational tool that displays the current company stock price (delayed 20 minutes) on the taskbar (next to the time display), it also has context menus that can point to intranet sites as well as alternate stock symbols, normally used in conjunction with a stock information service such as Reuters or Telerate.


Popup – a popup application that contains an embeded browser for communicating information to clients, a typical use is to inform of scheduled system outages or important company events, it uses the  ‘Always on top’ feature similar to task manager.


Winadmin – a silent running application that enforces some local group membership contents and changes the local administrators password, usually launched through a login script.



Radico Consulting Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta



If you are interested in our capabilities please feel free to contact us via email.