My original web site features an extensive section concerning cryptography:

A Cryptographic Compendium

Originally, I had among the pages on other topics, a single page about a map projection of my own. Now, having once again written, this time to run on a PC, a program to draw maps in a variety of projections, this site, the one with materials on topics other than cryptography, now contains:

Map Projections

an extensive series of pages describing several map projections and how to construct them.

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From this page, you may go to a table of contents for the pages on the topics hosted here, those other than cryptography. In brief, the available topics are:

Signal Flag Systems
Introduction to HTML
Color Charts
The Musical Scale

Comments on the Rules
The Immortal Game (Anderssen-Kieseritzky)
Leaping Bat Chess
Random Variant Chess
Three-Dimensional Chess

A Computer Architecture
Computer Keyboards
About a Computer Language
Computer Architectural Preferences

Movie and TV Aspect Ratios
A Limitation of Color Photography
Unit Conversions
A Tall Building Design

Telescopes and Eyepieces:
How a Telescope Works
Kinds of Telescopes
Telescope Mountings
Special Bonus Section:
Introduction to Geometrical Optics

A Space Habitat Design
Travel to Mars
Lining up the Planets
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiments
The Fine-Structure Constant
Punctuated Equilibria

Perpetual Calendars
A Luni-Solar Calendar
A Simplified Calendar Proposal
Julian Day Numbers
A Martian Calendar

Archimedian Solids
The Fourth Dimension
Sphere Packings
Pentagonal Tilings
Rotations of a Dodecahedron
Examples of Groups
Two Famous Equations
Euler's Constant
The Slide Rule
Gödel's Theorem and the Halting Problem
Magic Squares

A Unified Architecture for Telephone Numbers

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