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“Supporting success in French –
 Explore great French web resources”

Of interest to teachers and families with students in French immersion, in the Francophone program, or in the English stream studying French.

Support success in French by encouraging students to explore CPF’s web site of French educational resources, available at:


The site includes online French encyclopedias, talking French dictionaries, French spell checkers, French accent how to charts, French search engines, French radio and more…

CPF is Canadian Parents for French educational opportunities, a non-profit, volunteer based organization. CPF is the only parent advocacy organization for French immersion.

Why do research in French?

*** Doing research in French, students learn new vocabulary, rather than translating from English using the French they already know ***

Tables of quick links for students are available at:


CPF’s site also includes information about French educational software.

BACKGROUND: The CPF National volunteer Internet Resource Reviewer has a Master of Science in Business Administration degree and spent 15 years in the computer business. The web site of French educational resources that this volunteer has developed for CPF  began some years ago with requests from parents for help finding French computer software and Internet sites. This project has grown through monitoring of French listservs, and has had assistance from a number of people, including Professor André Obadia of Simon Fraser University, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Murphy of Memorial University (a former late French immersion junior high school principal), and both the Information Technology teacher and a former Librarian at an early French immersion elementary school.

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