everyone needs musicality.

I am an outsider artist.
Filling my creative gastank are the thousands and thousands of popular, unpopular,
anti-popular, unknown and to-be-known creative entities I have encountered.
I studied for years to make music and poetry.  But what I never studied, because
it cannot be taught, was the imperative to create.
However much I have suffered in this life, and whatever compromises are forced on me
and however much was demanded and taken from me, I am driven to express this voice
which comes from deep inside me.

 I don't do this for money or praise.  I do this for the sheer thrill
of creating, and the amazing feelings that come
out of touching another person's soul with a piece of your own.




F. A. Q.

Q: What are you going to do next?

    I am working on a good answer to this question.  The short answer is I may do a bit of mixed-media painting, songs on the guitar, poetry open mic, maybe some gaming-related fiction to keep my hand in (and because it's fun!). I am dying to do another major project though...

Q: What's wrong with your skin?

    I suffer from psoriasis, an inflammatory skin condition. This is my chronic "illness" and it has in many ways coloured my life experience, and my attitude, so here are the bullet points so we can all be clear.

  • Thank you for your concern. It does, in its own way, suck.
  • I am being treated for this. It used to be WAY worse.
  • It's not contagious. Don't feel stupid for wondering.
  • If you don't like it, shut up about it. Or:
  • If you have any questions about it for me, PLEASE ask!
  • Q: What kind of stuff do you write?

        I am big into poetry right now, though I've done a lot of fiction too. I am a very ambitious poet. If you want one of my little books I'll probably give you one.  Poetry should, and must kick ass in order to be worthwhile.

        I would write a lot of science- or speculative or experimental fiction as mind-expanding entertainment. In the early years of the 21st c. I became obsessed with trying to convey an important message in any story, and wrote a couple more socially relevant stories.


    christopher a. james bfa 'purity control'
    all rights reserved

    Victoria, B. C.

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