Some Cave Statistics

There do not seem to be any maintained lists of South American cave statistics, so we compiled the following lists to place our discoveries within context.  The information herein is the best we could come up with, and we strongly encourage knowledgeable cavers to contact us with corrections or additions.  The Highest Caves list was last updated in December 2012 after the results of another international expedition to Peru became available, but some sections may still be out of date. 

South America's Deepest Caves

1.  Abismo Guy Collet (Brazil) -671m (explored in 2007; deepest quartzite cave in the world)

2.  Sima Pumacocha (Peru)  -638m

3.  Gruta do Centenario (Brazil) - 484m

4.  Millpu de Kaukiran (Peru) -407m   (also known as Sima de Millpu, or Sima de Racas Marca)

5.  Gruta da Bocaina (Brazil) -404m

6.  Sima Aonda (Venezuela) -383m

7.  Perte du Futur (Chile) -376m

8.  Sima Auyan-tepui Noroeste (Venezuela) -370m

9.  Tragadero San Andres (Peru) -334m


South America's Deepest Shafts

1.  Sima Aonda (Venezuela) 320m   (formed in quartzite, this is the deepest non-limestone shaft in the world)

2.  SP1 in Sima Pumacocha (Peru) 282m   (deepest shaft in the Andes)

3.  Lago Azul (Brazil)  279m  (274m underwater)

4.  Sima Mayor de Sarisarinama (Venezuela)  275m  

5.  Dos Ojos (Peru)  258m


The World's Highest Caves

1.  unnamed  (Pakistan; unsurveyed)   6765m above sea level

2.  Qaqa Mach'ay (Peru; -125m)   4930m asl

3.  Puna Mach'ay (Peru; 70m long)  4862m asl

4.  Saturna 4 (Peru; -50m)  4850m asl

5.  Breathlessness (Peru; -44m)  4797m asl

6.  Popcorn Cave (Peru; -45m)  4775m asl

7.  Cueva Col (Peru; -43m)  4757m asl

8.  Popcorn Rift (Peru; -45m) 4718m asl

9.  Cueva Puyo (Peru; -170m)  4696m asl

10.  Tragadero Puyo (Peru; -122m) 4681m asl



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