Sima Pumacocha

 and other caves of the Yauyos district of Central Peru

This website summarizes cave explorations in the Yauyos District of central Peru during expeditions in 2001, 2002 and 2004, and includes Sima Pumacocha, Qaqa Mach'ay, caves of the Puyo Valley and small caves near Yauricocha.  All are located in the Andes Mountains over 4000m above sea level, and together constitute some of the highest explored caves in the world.

There is a great deal of local and expedition caving that has occurred in Peru over the years, of which we have only limited knowledge.  Please feel free to contact us with corrections or updates to our information.  We encourage all cavers who have completed their explorations in Peru to publish their findings on the internet and to exchange links with us, so that eventually a complete picture will be available to all.

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